Have it made

Custom & Bespoke Designs

When it comes to  our homes we all have a vision of the lifestyle we’d like to achieve.

Whether from our own imaginations or  an image we’ve seen in the media, once it’s there the quest to realise that vision is often not met by readily available standard furniture. 

At HOMEWOOD we try to make your dreams come true.

Why not speak to one of our trained consultants and let us make your vision a reality.

By custom making one of our standard designs to fit your space, or by interpreting your vision into something completely new , if we can do it, we will.

What we do

Our look is very recognisable –straight clean design lines, no frills, no fuss, just honest contemporary styling.

We only work in a selected range of solid hardwoods, no steel support structures, no fitted or installed joinery or cabinetry, no lathe work and no veneered panels.

Many modern designs are made of materials we do not use. This does place some restrictions on what we can design. However, if we can’t help you we’ll try and refer you to someone who can.

We often say, “If you can draw it with a ruler we’ll make it”.

It’s usually true!

Why not speak to one of our trained consultants and let us make your vision a reality.

Defining your request

Many  requests begin with a simple photograph or sketch of what our customers have in mind.

Important information for us is:

What sizes and dimensions do you need?

Where will the item be used?

What wood and finish would you like?

Whilst details like handles, upholstery, and hardware can often be decided later, the more we know from the start the more certain we will be we’re meeting your needs. And the more accurate our quotation will be.

Quotes, price & acceptance

Once we have the basic information on your needs, we will do an estimate and quote you a price for your design. Any assumptions made which could still affect the price will be noted, and quotes are valid for a period of 14 days.

Our pricing will include VAT, delivery and any known additional extras (glazing, upholstery, special hardware etc).

Any changes to details given and described could affect pricing. Changes may be made at any time during the quotation process.

Once quotes are accepted, a deposit of 50% is required for manufacture to begin.

The design process

On receipt of the deposit payment advice, we will prepare a full set of CAD drawings for your approval.

All information known at this stage is given to our design team (who have most often already been part of the quotation process).

CAD drawings will include dimensioned front and side elevations and a 3D perspective view of the item. For complex items, additional views including outline drawings or even exploded views may be included to ensure details are as required.

Drawings will be rendered in Acrobat (PDF) file format and sent via e-mail for approval.


As these are the basis of our contract, it is vital that CAD drawings are carefully checked for compliance with requested and agreed details.  

Any changes must be requested in writing – preferably by marking on the drawings supplied.

New drawings will be submitted to confirm any requested changes.

Final acceptance of designs must be given in writing, either by e-mail or by delivery of signed copies of drawings to your sales consultant.

Should no consensus on designs be reached, a design fee may be levied and residual deposit balances will be refunded.


Manufacturing will be scheduled once written approval of drawings has been received.

Please note that lead times quoted during design are subject to revision  based on our factory forward load at the time of approval, and will be confirmed by your consultant once production is scheduled.

Because our manufacturing processes are geared towards making ALL goods to order, our lead times on custom works are no different to standard production.

Now that’s a PLUS!


Your goods will be scheduled for delivery with our regular scheduling.

Full payment of the outstanding balance is due prior to delivery.

You are welcome to inspect goods at our factory or request photographs of items prior to delivery to ensure compliance with your requirements.

Although custom made and bespoke items MAY NOT be returned for credit, they do carry our full standard warranty in terms of material and workmanship.

It’s time to enjoy your furniture … we always welcome feedback on how we performed.


Ordering custom  work has some risks. It’s what we do to minimise those risks that sets us apart from others.

We request as much detail as possible about your needs.

We won’t do what we can’t do.


We REQUIRE a 50% deposit before final design begins.

Customers must ensure design compliance with their needs.

All goods must be paid for in full PRIOR to delivery.

Custom orders may not be returned.