Cwazi Bench


“A dazzling that fills the eyes after looking into the sun; the heat waves dancing above the moist ground on a hot day.” 1905 Zulu-English dictionary |ALFRED T. BRYANT – Missionary in Zululand and Natal

The Cwazi range is typified by the highbacked Cwazi chair and its airy slatted design. Tables and benches are an established favourite. As with our indoor seating, the chair complements any of our patio and outdoor table sets, and besides there being a popular side bench alternative it is a frequent choice as a ‘carver’ for exterior use.

Range: CWAZI
Category: Bench
Use: Patio or Outdoor use
Wood: Black Ofram | Blackwood | Oak | Plantation Teak
Price Range: 1 Seater: R2,020 to R2,497*

2 Seater: R3,589 to R4,444*

3 Seater: R3,912 to R5,992*

4 Seater: R5,532 to R6,841*

Size: All products can be custom sized to make your space exactly what you envision!

*Pricing will vary depending on the wood you select and if your sizing is unique to our standard sizing.

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