Mukwa Dining Table


The Mukwa tree (Pterocaropus Angolensis) yields the wood commonly known as kiaat. Our Mukwa range is designed to showcase the beauty of its reddish, brown and the oatmeal sapwood tones. Completely contemporary – maybe even a little ahead of its time.

Range: Mukwa
Category: Dining Table
Use: Indoor use
Wood: Black Ofram | Blackwood | Oak | Plantation Teak
Price Range: 6 Seater: R21,649 to R26,787*

8 Seater: R24,992 to R29,605*

10 Seater: R25,417 to R37,007*

Size: All products can be custom sized to make your space exactly what you envision!

*Pricing will vary depending on the wood you select and if your sizing is unique to our standard sizing.

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