iLanga Chair

“Wow! That’s different!”


These were the first words of awe we heard when the initial prototype of the iLanga (the isiZulu word for SUN) chair was revealed. And how right those words were because yes, this chair is different in so many ways.


This is the only chair designed and manufactured by Homewood that is not 100% wood – with the framework being made of steel. But the reason for this is simple and mindful. The story revolves around alien flora, job creation, the environment, water conservation, collaboration, design and killing a few birds with one stone.
The starting point of this story is where it always begins with Homewood…


Climate change is undoubtedly upon us, with its effects witnessed nationwide. Most metros have been staring down looming water crises, and due only to the recent rains down south, the emergency has presently been averted. For most of us, we’re watching nervously as the water levels in dams drop. We take shorter showers, set up grey water systems, grow water-wise gardens and imagine how we might survive if day zero arrives.

It’s easy to blame the government for not taking this situation seriously and for squandering money that could have been used to mitigate climate change risks.
The Department of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs has been working their budget as best they can for the past few years and have teamed up with passionate environmentalists, in an effort to solve the looming crisis. But they can’t solve this issue alone. They need the business sector’s talent and resources to make a real impact on water security and sustainability. To stop the spreading of alien flora from sucking up our water, we need to build a strong commercial demand for alien
invasive plant biomass. Demand, in the form of Gum, Wattle and Poplar tree-based products could aid the advance of the invaders, resulting in a bigger budget for
the sustainable clearance of these trees.

So, what are Homewood and Nando’s doing about this?


We have partnered with the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries as well as Avocado Vision to make this vision come true. The wood used in the new iLanga chair is 100% Poplar and Wattle (Blackwood), sourced from the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries who then, in turn, clear these from our
waterways. This will ultimately go a long way in securing our future waterways. The objective? To create a solid virtuous cycle of good, sustainable business, powerful social outcomes and environmental imperatives that support our ability to not only survive but to combat climate change in South Africa.

What is Poplar and what is the wood like?

Poplar is one of the most common utility hardwoods in the United States. Its sapwood is white, sometimes with stripes; the heartwood is usually tan. The wood is
straight in grain, uniform in texture and moderate to light weight. It has a medium to low density. Therefore, it machines and glues well, and takes excellently to a variety of finishes. Yellow Poplar is used in furniture, doors, millwork, baskets and picture frames. However, due to its low density it is not the ideal wood to use in
structural applications like chairs – hence the iLanga chair’s steel frame.

The combination of steel for strength and durability, plus wood for warmth and a natural element, is all held together with a wonderful traditional weave (using a
polyester rope which is available in various colours) – The iLanga (SUN) chair is the perfect addition to the Nando’s Casa chair line up!

Please contact for pricing.


PLEASE NOTE: Upholstery and rope required for weaving is not included in price estimates. Chat to your showroom manager for more info and pricing, or read more about choosing a furniture weave here. https://homewood.co.za/choosing-a-weaving-material/  




Our outdoor furniture is made to weather well. Each piece from our outdoor and patio range has been crafted with durable solid wood such as Plantation Teak, Blackwood and Ash, providing the ultimate longevity. 


Plantation Teak: We offer a 5-year guarantee on external furniture in this wood. 

Blackwood: We offer a 1-year guarantee 

Ash: We offer a 1-year guarantee on any furniture made from Ash. 

PLEASE NOTE: Furniture that is permanently and fully exposed to the elements needs to be designed using woods that are extremely durable. Material, design and range needs to be taken into consideration when choosing a piece of furniture, and you will be advised accordingly, depending on where you intend on using and storing your productNB: Going against the advice of your showroom manager and choosing the incorrect type of wood, design, or range could affect the validity of your guarantee. Please consult with your showroom manager or sales guru and ensure that you are advised correctly on which wood design and range to choose for the intended use of your furniture so that your guarantee is not affected. 

You can read more about which wood types are best suited for indoor and outdoor furniture here:


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