Eco Furniture that leaves a legacy without leaving a mark

Conscious About the Planet and its People

In a time where we have a generation of consumers and destroyers, where we waste without a second thought and where we take rather than give, we’ve decided to redefine our generation and leave behind a cleaner legacy with eco furniture.

We’ve decided to cement ourselves within the conscious collective by continuing to make manufacturing choices that respect Mother Nature and her people.

We do this by making furniture that celebrates natural life from hand to home. Our Amanzi Conscious Collection has the vision of giving back to the earth.

Furniture that Celebrates Life

Using local alien invasive and water thirsty trees that dry up our precious waterways, we craft furniture with the same luxury feel and quality that you’re used to, saving on costs to you and the planet.

Our Amanzi Conscious Collection restores natural balance to local environments by creating a demand for the removal of invasive woods like Cottonwood, River Red Gum and Blackwood. For all of our ranges, types of furniture and custom pieces, we offer the option of making your chosen piece up from these woods.

Would you like to become a part of a new generation of considerate consumers? Shop furniture that doesn’t cost the Earth.

Partnering with the Working for Water Programme (WfW)

We have joined forces with the Working for Water Programme, an initiative of the Western Cape Government that seeks to tackle the issue of alien invasive trees and their destruction of local environments and water reserves.

Just over the past 5 years, the WfW team has already cleared up 500 hectares of alien vegetation and has freed up 1.9 billion litres of water per year! It has also sparked the creation of more than 230 000 jobs.  

We, at Homewood, aim to sustain this excellent initiative by purchasing alien invasive biomass from it and turning it into one-of-a-kind, artisanal furniture pieces. It is from this biomass that our Amanzi Conscious Collection stems. By using alien invasive wood to handcraft our eco furniture, we get to give back to the earth by freeing up local waterways, and give back to people by creating both short-term and long-term employment opportunities.

You can choose to have your furniture made the conscious way and have any of our ranges, indoor furniture, outdoor furniture or custom pieces made from local alien invasive timbers.

Amanzi Conscious Collection Woods


Colour: Cottonwood can vary in colour, between light cream to a pale yellow-brown. You can also identify it by subtle streaks of gray and green. Note that colour may become darker depending on light exposure.

Grain: This wood usually has a straight and uniform grain.

Texture: Cottonwood features tiny pores scattered throughout and distinct growth rings.


Colour: This Australian-born wood has a dark brown colour with rich red undertones shining through.

Grain: This wood has a unique grain which is interlocked to form a wavy pattern – one that can be described as a ‘fiddleback’ pattern.

Texture: River red gum is characterised by a fine and even texture.


Colour: Despite its name, there is hardly any black featured in any solid wood furniture made from this. Depending on the season and the conditions the tree has grown in, Blackwood colours can vary from a pale golden brown to richer shades of brown.

Grain: Blackwood features very pronounced grains which can either be straight or slightly wavy.

Texture: This wood exhibits a fine, smooth texture with a gentle sheen.


Colour: Camphor’s Colour can be highly variable depending on growing conditions; generally a light brown, frequently with shades of gray, red, or olive green. Occasionally contains darker streaks. Paler sapwood isn’t always clearly differentiated from the heartwood. Burls are also commonly seen, and are considered highly decorative

Grain:  Grain can be straight, interlocked, and/or wavy.

Texture: Uniform medium texture with a high natural lustre and a slightly greasy feel.

Odour and Rot Resistance:  Camphor has a very characteristic odour, for which the tree is named. The most recognizable product that contains the extracts of camphor are medicated chest rubs, which have the same distinct scent. It are these natural extractives which give the wood good rot and insect resistance properties

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