A Peak into the Future of Furniture Design

We know, we know, 2023 isn’t over yet…

But in the world of design, we’re constantly looking forward (and often backwards, too, but more on that later…)

Here at Homewood, we have loved to watch the evolution of furniture design over the years. Just like in the world of fashion, furniture trends can feel both unexpected and predictable (and we know that’s a bit of an oxymoron; just stay with us on this one.)

With over 60,000 different designs in our Homewood library, we’ve experienced each and every furniture trend cycle over the past 20 years. They’re often unexpected, in the sense that what’s “now-in” can come as a sharp left turn, but predictable in that we’ve seen, year after year, old designs are dug up from our archives to meet the latest client requests.

It’s fascinating and exciting, and our experience has taught us to never abandon the “least trendy” range or wood type in our catalogue because, low and behold, in a couple of years, it’ll be a best seller.

Looking ahead to 2024, here are two predicted trends that excite us, encourage us and affirm our vision for the global furniture design industry.

Read below and see if you agree!

Trend #1) Sustainability Front-and-Centre

Vogue predicts a ‘collective consciousness’ around the environmental impact of design choices, impacting the buying behaviours of interior designers and their clients.

Eva-Marie Prineas of Studio Prineas observed that clients are “enthusiastic to invest in brands who have environmental and social sustainability at the forefront of what they do.” Interestingly, she also noted that more and more people are leaning towards made-to-order products as a way of garnering greater transparency and insights into the manufacturing process, as well as reducing waste.

Business Insider agrees, stating that flat pack, mass-produced fast furniture is on its way out, with more classic, hardwood furniture taking its place.

Both these points make us so excited about the future of furniture design.

At Homewood, every item of furniture is ‘made-to-order’, with our showroom staff sharing regular updates with clients at different stages of the production process. We hope that, as this trend predicts, more people will convert to this way of thinking, not only for the purpose of acquiring beautiful, customised furniture pieces but from a genuine desire for a reduced environmental footprint and thought for the greater picture that their purchases play a role in.

Trend #2) Curves and Edges

According to Southern Living, curved furniture is here to stay in 2024.  

“Curved edges soften more structural pieces—balancing out furniture like a dining chair with a rounded back and straight-leg base”, says Hallie Milstein.

We’ve seen the truth of this existing trend in motion, with our Duzu chairs, our first official curved back chair, remaining a top Homewood seller throughout 2023, with no sign of stopping. If you’re looking to embrace this trend going into 2024, we’d also suggest taking a look at our Imbiza Range, (meaning “pot” in isiZulu)

At the end of the day, it’s important to choose furniture that’s both in alignment with today’s design sensibilities, while remaining timeless enough to withstand multiple trend cycles. With our years of experience and commitment to minimal waste and furniture that will last, you can rest assured that all Homewood ranges have been designed with these exact factors in mind.

For the ultimate combination of style and sustainability, chat with our Homewood showroom gurus today.





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