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hand woven furniture made the traditional way

Our woven furniture is crafted with care, and just like our furniture, it’s all by hand. We believe that this human element adds the magic touch to our furniture and gives it soul (something you can’t get from machine-woven items). Our ladies at the factory use traditional isiZulu weaving patterns and techniques to make incredibly beautiful and striking furniture. From chairs to benches to couches to barstools, we can brighten up your favourite Homewood pieces with vibrant rope woven into your preferred weave.

Unravelling a Rich Cultural Heritage

Zulu weaving is a prized and celebrated skill that has been adapted and adopted by many, including ourselves at Homewood. Did you know that some Zulu children learn to weave as early as five years old and that different weaving patterns can mean different things? Small squares, for example, are a celebration of fruitfulness (good crops, rains, or a new child).   

The practice of weaving is deeply embedded into this vibrant and artistic culture and we’re proud to be able to showcase this craft with a contemporary twist! 

special projects

Over the years, we’ve crafted some truly unique pieces with eye-catching weaves. We’ve worked with interior designers, restaurants, and corporates to make their custom woven requests a reality.



We offer a rainbow of lively and calm, neutral colours. Pick from our palette to personalise your furniture according to your style.

Natural | Beige | Grey  | Yellow | Neon | Red | Ocean | Purple | Lime | Emerald | Olive | Black | Navy 

Our Weaving Material

All our weaves use polyester rope. We chose this material over leather because of the following benefits: 

  • Doesn’t stretch or lose its shape  
  • Can bear very heavy weights  
  • Is abrasion resistant, making it hard to damage and leave unsightly marks  
  • Is UV resistant, which means its colour won’t fade with outdoor exposure  
  • Is easy to clean 


Our rope woven furniture is available in the following thicknesses:  

  • 2.5mm 
  • 5mm 
  • 8mm 

Weaving Where You Want It 

In our efforts to imbue the traditional African spirit into our furniture, many of our pieces have the option of weaved seating or back rests. 



The art of traditional Danish weaving typically incorporates wrapping, rushing style weaving, and basket weave patterns. It gained popularity starting after World War II in Denmark and other European countries. It is generally only seen on high end, quality made furnishings.

The weaving is one sided and only wraps around a single rung on all sides. From the underside you will see the cord is attached by specialty hook nails.

Typically, a very strong 3-ply fibre product was used – however, we have opted for the 2.5mm Polyester rope due to strength and durability.

Our 2 weaving patterns are self-explanatory in the images shown:


This weave pattern is characterised by a shoelace type threading on the sides of the seat and rope wrapped around the front and back surface. This weave uses a thin 5mm rope, which gives pieces a refined look.


This weave technique can be recognised by rope wrapped around all sides of the frame surface. It can be achieved using either 5mm or 8mm rope.


This special weave technique was developed exclusively for our Imbiza range. It can be described as a full shoelace cut out, wherein rope is laced throughout the entire woven item, covering the seat and backrest as a single section.


The Ndebele weave is available in a 3-ply cotton macrame in a variety of colours. This weave is named after the famous Ndebele tribe of Southern Africa, renowned for their strong geometric style and bold colours.

Ndebele weave

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