telling a story through hand crafted furniture

Like our wood, each of our ranges has a unique story to tell. Designed by our wood crafter, Ian Perry, who draws inspiration from various areas, each range can be characterised by a coherent and signature design theme. From our Imbiza range which flaunts voluptuous curves that simultaneously celebrate African womanhood and the cultural heritage of the isiZulu pitcher or pot, to the Boyi range, named after an early customer, to the Savanah range which embodies some of South Africa’s most extensive terrain, each range weaves either people, nature or cultural heritage together with Homewood’s signature from-the-heart style.

Included in each range are handcrafted wood furniture items for all areas of the home or office, such as beds, desks, bar stools, sofas, coffee tables and loungers.

Homewood’s Ranges

  • Are eco-friendly.
  • Fuel local employment.
  • Are handcrafted.
  • Can be customised or sized to suit your space.


Select the range you like best to find furniture for every area of the home or office, including furniture for entertainment, like bar stools or multi-functional furniture that can suit multiple rooms, such as the Kopanya Unit.


This range found its name inspiration in the abbreviated Zulu word for the White Rhino – Umduzu. Duzu was inspired and designed to help save our Rhino population. For a full year 7.5% of the proceeds from this range went to Save The Rhino Fund.

Star Product: Duzu Chair

Strong and sturdy, with African charm.


The birth of this range was to bring back curves into our designs.

The Zulu Imbiza, which means pitcher or pot, was the inspiration behind the curves of this range’s design. We have welcomed warm curves and natural round edges to celebrate the African Woman – mother of mankind. Perfectly precise jointing using traditionally floating Mortise and Tennon’s gives wonderful visual crafted details, combined with routed handle indentations adds to the eye-catching design trendsetting range. The roping adds a lacy visual feel – a detail that refines and defines Imbiza.

Star Product: Imbiza Lounger

Elegantly curved and comfortable seating.


The Zulu word Omusha is used to describe something new, fresh and young. We’d like to add uncomplicated, clean and uncluttered. OMUSHA! Our most comprehensive range of indoor dining furniture, the Omusha range is sure to have an option that will suit your taste. Starting life as African Modern, it remains true to its roots. The characteristic solid square timber legs, available as through the top or under top options are mechanically joined using a unique HOMEWOOD technique. 

Star Product: Omusha Bevel Edge Table

Fresh and functional.


The village of Paindane is a fishermen’s paradise on the Mozambique coast. It was here that these designs first came into being. A canoe, a fishing rod and a laptop – all you’ll ever need for a perfect beach getaway!

Star Product: Paindane Server

Island style meets versatility.


Meet Mfana “Power” Nkwana – a true jack of all trades, and master of many. There was very little that Mfana had not turned his hand to since joining the HOMEWOOD team. Respected for his knowledge by all staff, he was the ‘go to’ man of the company.

Mfana “Power” Nkwana was our finest factory foreman for 3 years, but sadly passed away in 2012. This range is dedicated to him. When it was first designed, we donated a percentage of sales to the construction of a nursery school in our local community in Lidgetton.

Star Product: The Nkwana Daybed.

Seating and sleeping for smart spaces.


We only have one planet, and its future is in our hands. This grounded, long and low design is our tribute to our home. Our Earth range has captured the imagination of the public. Redolent of lazy summer patio days many customers have opted to use the Earth Morris range as an indoor lounge suite. Contemporary, yet based on the ageless traditional Morris design, we can see why.

Star Product: The Earth Morris Chair

Adding a warm and down-to-earth homliness to your space.



Remember when:

Rock was king?

Asymmetry was in vogue?

Perspex hit the mainstream?

Colours were bright, fun and psychedelia ruled?

Inspired by a wave of nostalgia for those times, we designed our Khumbula range in an way to bring all those past memories and trends to the twenty first century. Combining many retro elements with our recognisable linear HOMEWOOD design styling, this is an exciting indoor furniture range. 

Star Product: The Khumbula Chair. 

Retro sentiments meet Homewood’s signature style.


This range was named posthumously after a valued member of our HOMEWOOD staff. The Vilakazi range showcases the elements of its design with its clear lines.

Star Product: Vilikazi Bench

Artisinal and contemporary at heart.


First created as a custom project for a customer whose surname was Kholeti, this range developed further after the project ended. The design of this range is something wonderful.

Star Product: Kholeti Bed with Drawers

Storage meets stylish sleeping.


This range was name after the Zulu word for rock. This range was designed to be solid, chunky and large.

Star Product: Dwala Dining Table

A stylishly dependable item to add to your entertainment furniture.


There is a move away from the dark heavily stained timbers of the past few years to a more honest, natural lightness and contemporary country feel. Dhoya is our response. The simplicity of Dhoya (a Hindi word meaning wash or clean) is its most notable attribute.

Star Product: Dhoya Wine Rack Unit

A simple and honest dining experience.


“A dazzling that fills the eyes after looking into the sun; the heat waves dancing above the moist ground on a hot day.” 1905 Zulu-English dictionary |ALFRED T. BRYANT – Missionary in Zululand and Natal. 

The Cwazi range is typified by the highbacked Cwazi chair and its airy slatted design. Tables and benches are an established favourite. As with our indoor seating, the chair complements any of our patio and outdoor table sets, and besides there being a popular side bench alternative it is a frequent choice as a ‘carver’ for exterior use.

Star Product: Cwazi Outdoor Table

Making slatted seating sophisticated.


This range is a spin off from our days of manufacturing and supplying Wetherlys. The design and rustic feel of the furniture in the Country range was for country type/holiday homes. Casual and relaxed yet luxurious with a classic look.

Star Product: Country Chest of Drawers

A mix of laid-back country style and the vibrance of Africa.


Inspired by the mesmerising spiral patterns of a mountain Aloe, found in Lesotho, this range exhibits an organic geometry that adds a special beauty and complexity to each furniture item.

Star Product: The Aloe Coffee Table

This Homewood coffee table demands your attention and is made to be the focal point of any room, with its exquisitely intricate design.


The Umhlanga range was designed to commemorate the opening of our showroom in Umhlanga. The designs were based on the new buildings going up on the area at the time – square, simple straight lines and quite boxy.

Star Product: Umhlanga Pedestal 

A classy and cosmopolitan entertainment piece.


Originally produced to an interior designer’s personal requirements, this simple bedroom range is now available to all customers. Ubuhle, which is the Xhosa word for beauty, has clean classic lines and the matched wooden handles come as a soft alternative to the more usual metal hardware.

Star Product: The Ubuhle Bench.

Classic beauty at its best.


Using the basic cube as inspiration, every part of the furniture in this range is contained within this structure. This forward-thinking range features cleverly compact design that makes smart use of space and, when necessary, maximises storage potential.

Star Product: Cube Coffee Table

A classy and cosmopolitan entertainment piece.


With award-wining products included in this range, each crafted item is intelligently designed to enhance its versatility, ensuring nothing is ever confined to one room. Every fold, pull-out or flap helps this range’s multi-functional furniture conform to your every need.

Star Product: The Kopanya Multi-functional Kitchen/Storage/Dining Unit.A minimalist’s dream with multifunctional purpose.


This range was named after an early customer, and reminiscent of the popular A-frame braai set design, our slatted Boyi styling brings a new level of solidity, sophistication and class to a South African evergreen. 

Star Product: The Boyi Dining Table. 

Add solidity and warmth to your dining experience.


The first item designed in this range was a custom chair designed for a customer whose surname was Baxter. This was also the first ever chair we designed and manufactured.

Star Product: The Baxter Backless Barstool.

Adding a modern edge to your space.


Named after the Zulu word for rope, our Intambo range was designed in 2016 with the focus being on the rope and weave elements in the design.

Star Product: Intambo A Frame Dining Tbale

Weaving the heart of Africa into your space.


This range is named after a kid from HOMEWOOD’s founder, Ian Perry’s, standard 4 class. He was a short, solid and well built kid. Naming this range after him seemed only fitting.

Star Product: Senzo Loafer

Short, stocky and a characteristicly Homewood piece.


The Mukwa tree (Pterocaropus Angolensis) yields the wood commonly known as kiaat. Our Mukwa range is designed to showcase the beauty of its reddish, brown and the oatmeal sapwood tones. Completely contemporary – maybe even a little ahead of its time.

Star Product: Mukwa Plasma Unit

A wonderfully rustic and authentic Homewood piece.


This was the first of our ranges to be named after valued staff members of the HOMEWOOD team, a tradition that still continues. Inspired by the light design feel of colonial campaign and safari furniture, the Mthalane range is traditionally made from African hardwoods.

Star Product: The Mthalane Morris Chair.

The embodiment of African safari adventure.


This range was named by our old Kramerville manager, Leigh, back in 2014. Atlega is a Sotho word that means “The Prosperous One”. 

Star Product: The Atlega Table. 

A tall and elegant table, ideal for creating multiple levels of height in your design.


This range is named from the inspiration behind its design. After a trip to a small town called Nkayi in Zimbabwe, a forestry station in the heart of the Rhodesian Teak Indigenous Sand Forests, we came back inspired and designed the Nkayi range.

Star Product: Nkayi Deck Lounger.

Island-style lounging.


The most unusual but wonderful origin of any of our design names. Tresile was a typo on the delivery note for our first shipment of this trestle design. The customer talked about our Tresile tables and ever since then, so have we.

Star Product: Tresile Adjustable Desk Trestles.

Fine-tuned to your comfort.

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