Ian Perry, Homewood founder and director


Our extensive range of Homewood handcrafted, custom wood furniture is designed for comfort, functionality, and, most importantly, to make you feel at home – whether you’re in a waiting room, hotel, restaurant, or office.

We are passionate about creating furniture that adds warmth and character to any space. This means celebrating the knots or “imperfections” in the grain, which we believe makes each design truly one-of-a-kind.

Made from 100% sustainable and locally sourced hardwoods, Homewood furniture is not only beautifully designed, but it’s made to last a lifetime, seeing you through every stage of your life without leaving a mark on the environment.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Locally produced
  • Handcrafted 
  • Customisable 

Want a more tactile experience with our furniture? Locate your nearest showroom to stop by and feel the magic of our artisanal, handcrafted pieces.  

We Only Use sustainable Woods

Crafting furniture with lasting quality starts with the woods that we use. Our furniture is made from sustainably sourced hardwoods such as Cottonwood, River Red Gum, Camphor, Blackwood and Sugar/Spotted Gum. This wood is sourced through the Working for Water Programme – which tackles the problem of alien invasive trees. We purchase alien-invasive biomass cleared by the programme and turn it into one-of-a-kind, artisanal furniture pieces, giving back to the earth by freeing up local waterways.

These woods have been chosen for their positive environmental impact, their quality in use, and colouration, and to give our furniture that crafted luxury feel. 

4176 alien trees removed
100224000 litres of water saved
Homewood creates job opportunities

Our People

We firmly believe in creating job opportunities and upskilling people. This is why we only employ locally, use people over machines, and provide extensive training. Our workers are like family to us, and we truly care about their well-being and want to give them the best opportunities possible.

It fills our heart with pride to see how many of our factory workers, who often come from impoverished uneducated rural circumstances with little to no future prospects, become truly successful at what they do. So, know that your Homewood purchase is more than just a quality find – it’s part of someone’s success story!


Our furniture finds itself within the global trend towards a more slow-paced, minimalistic lifestyle that favours all things natural. This trend comes as no surprise, considering the busy lifestyles we lead today, where most of us find ourselves confined indoors and detached from the natural environment. Homewood’s timeless and luxurious pieces provide a feeling of escape – of hitting the ‘pause button’ – and bringing a part of the outdoors in.

With exquisitely crafted custom wood furniture that can be found in lodges, homes, and corporate spaces around the country and around the world, our pieces have travelled far and wide – from residences in KwaZulu-Natal and offices in Cape Town to game lodges in Zambia and homes in Scotland.

Ian Perry, Homewood founder and director

“How can you produce high-end furniture that has soul and flair with something as cold and heartless as a machine. REAL furniture throughout the ages has always been a symbol and expression of the person crafting it. Each piece will always capture the designer, crafter and wood’s soul in it.

Ian Perry

homewood founder and director


Far from cold and callous, our furniture displays the deepest warmth and heart, which we believe comes from the human touch of our factory workers, our love for the environment, and the story of the tree. 

We waste no part of the wood that we use, throw nothing away, and believe in sharing the story of the tree through the natural ‘blemishes’ in the wood that we use. 

If there’s a knot or a variation in grain, we don’t cut it out. That flash of red in the grain, for instance, reveals that the tree may have been stressed by a drought, or it could perhaps be a result of strong wind compression; a rich yellow streak could reveal the tree’s immune response to insects attacking it – and it’s all part of the history of the tree. 

The conditions that the tree has grown in are what form each tree’s unique character and are what give our furniture its special appeal and wabi-sabi beauty. The story of the tree unfolds within these little differences. That is why we do not believe in the wasteful practice of timber grading and selection. We ensure we keep it random and natural – exactly as nature intended! 

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what makes us different

Perfection takes time, but we promise you, it’ll be well worth the wait. We’re not here to win a race or deliver your furniture in record time, nor do we support instant gratification. Our furniture is meticulously handmade, and we refuse to compromise on quality for speed.

Your sales manager will keep you updated at every step of the production process, so you can be involved in the journey that transforms wood into works of art. We can’t guarantee industry standard lead times, but we can promise you beautiful, luxury, handcrafted Homewood furniture we can both be incredibly proud of.   


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