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Are you interested in working with us to create your own unique brand of furniture? We have many years of experience in working with professionals from all walks of life to craft furniture for them to sell as completely unique products and to sell to unique markets.

Unlike most creative partner agreements, we do not take a tiered approach to our offers. You don’t have to spend a minimum amount before you qualify for discounts. From your very first purchase, you can expect a 15% discount on your purchase.

Additionally, we don’t work from product catalogues. Every range we make for you will be one-of-a-kind and customised to your exact requirements.

Making Your Vision a Reality

Our sales experts work with you to understand your needs and expectations, giving you their undivided attention. We pride ourselves on our intimate and personal approach to partnering with new and existing customers.

From conception to design to manufacture we work alongside you to make sure you are completely happy at each stage in our creative partner journey.


Award-winning furniture designer, Ian Perry (also known as the wood whisperer), is the mastermind behind Homewood’s characteristic blend of contemporary, traditional and African-styled furniture. Patterns found in nature inspire him and eye-catching products, such as the Aloe Table, are evidence of this.

His Bachelor of Science in Forestry puts Homewood in the best position to draft and craft truly unique pieces that do justice to the story of the tree.

Careful thought and consideration are put into every single one of our bespoke pieces. From mastering modular construction (steering away from glue jointing) to giving each table or chair a distinct personality, Ian is known for his meticulous attention to detail.

Manufacturing Your Furniture

We use a traditional and eco-friendly approach when it comes to manufacturing your furniture. Our steam bending technique offers the following:

  • Better wood recovery (when compared to wood that has been cut)
  • Stronger components once bent (making our furniture more durable)
  • More freedom to add curves into our designs
  • Greater sustainability as this technique requires less energy and produces less waste

Our Showrooms

We have showrooms situated all across South Africa. Locate a showroom near you to get a first-hand feel of our handcrafted furniture and to speak to an expert consultant about our creative partner offerings. Download our creative partner application form to get started.

If you require 3D models to add to your 3D renders please get in contact.

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