Restaurant Furniture: Modular Goes Mainstream with the Duzu Table

Image courtesy of Nandos Benoni, featuring the Duzu Triangular Restaurant Table and iLanga Chair

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In the chaos of mid-year July 2019, a brilliant new product was born! Known formerly as the Duzu Triangular Restaurant Table, this brainchild of Ian Perry and Norman Le Roux (a.k.a the wood whisperers) is by no means your standard restaurant furniture.

Although it may appear simple and unassuming on its own, its genius is apparent when clustered with more of its kind, and can be likened to a single motif which gains complexity when repeated in varying patterns.

The beauty of the Duzu is that it can be adjusted to suit any dining or corporate space. Size is not an issue for this signature Homewood piece. Its modular and triangular design allows you to easily piece it together with more Duzus when more space is required or deconstruct it when downsizing. Its special design also means that no space is too awkward for it to fit in!

First Customers for This Unique Restaurant Furniture Piece

As one of the first to order this restaurant table from us, Nandos (Northmead Benoni) have found it to be perfectly suited to their furniture needs, which were based around finding a table that would not obstruct the elongated walkway leading up to their takeaway collection area and be versatile enough to accommodate different groups of customers.

During their trial furniture fitting, where they paired the Duzu with the vibrant and eco-friendly iLanga Chair (read about it here), they were pleasantly surprised by the different layouts that could be constructed with it!

nandos benoni, duzu table
Image courtesy of Nandos Benoni, featuring the Duzu Triangular Restaurant Table and iLanga Chair

Are you interested in having this innovative piece made for your restaurant? As with all of our restaurant furniture tables, the Duzu can be made with various types of wood, such as Black Ofram, Blackwood, Oak and Plantation Teak. So, remember to speak to a consultant from your nearest showroom and first get advice on which woods are suitable for indoor and outdoor application before purchase.

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