Land Rover Experience Centre With Afresh Design


Location: Bryanston – Gauteng   

Category: Commercial and Interior Design

Property Name: Land Rover Experience Centre  

Date completed: February 2019

Brief: Design 2 large boardroom tables for the conference meeting rooms in the New Experience centre.

Unique problems: The size of the boardroom tables were very specific as well as the look required to fit in with the architecture. We also had to design in the cabling and ports for the multimedia application in the tables.

Products used and any customisations added: The basis of the designs was the Umhlanga dining table – just increased to much large proportions.

Wood: The customer immediately took a liking to the Black Ofram  as it tied in with the carpets and wall paneling.

Finishes: The water based rystix was the go to to keep the wood colouring natural and to ensure high wear.

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