Cresta Mowana With Blacksmith Interiors

Location: Kasane Town , Botswana  

Category: Commercial/Hospitality and Interior Design

Property Name: Cresta Mowana Hotel  

Date completed: May 2018

Brief: Design African inspired woven hotel seating for the 220 bedrooms in the hotel as well as the large restaurant, lounging area and reception – as part of their complete upgrade.  

Unique problems: Hotel seating was needed on the bedroom patios, in the rooms themselves, luggage stools, dining chairs and occasional lounging chairs… all within a tight budget and needed to be both ethnic, designer, woven, light and strong/durable.  

Products used and any customisations added:  For the patio chairs for each room – custom designed slipper chairs.

For the restaurant we re-purposed our Paindane curve chairs to suit the requirement . For the luggage stools – we needed to redesign our Ubuhle to have turned legs to suite the bedroom décor more.

The lounge area – we developed an Imbiza Occasional chair – which we have subsequently ranged and it now forms an integral part of our imbiza offering.

Wood: Wood used – was Kiaat throughout. This was in a period where we still used Kiaat and could source it sustainably.

The Kiaat was bleached to bring on the weathered look quicker. Roping was a combination of Danish weave and 5mm Wrap weave – all rope was silver to tie in with the weathered wood look.

hotel seating

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