Tips for Choosing Indoor Furniture

Image: Homewood

April brings with it a nip in the air that is so typical of this time of year, with winter waiting just around the corner. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your indoor furniture and get ready to cosy up on that comfortable couch you’ve always wanted, or to make sure your entertainment space looks sleek and stylish with a new server, dining room table or coffee table. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to renovate your bedroom and design a four-poster bed or add a headboard with side tables. Here are some top tips to consider when choosing indoor furniture.

Image: Homewood

Image: Homewood

Choose the right wood

Choosing the right type of wood for your furniture plays a crucial role in how your chosen piece will age and withstand the environment it is being designed or purchased for.  Furniture that will be used inside or in an area that is totally enclosed and protected from the elements can be created using wood that is nondurable. The ideal woods for indoor furniture are Oak, Ash, Blackwood and Cottonwood.

Choose a design that won’t date

Let’s face it – custom made furniture can be pricy, but if you look after your pieces properly and maintain them as advised, then these pieces truly are an investment that will last you a lifetime and bring you years of comfort and joy. In saying this, if you don’t think you’ll have the opportunity to upgrade your furniture in the future, then choose pieces that are timeless, and which won’t date. The perks of purchasing furniture from Homewood is that you can always trade your furniture in. If you’ve purchased your furniture from Homewood, you can trade your old furniture in and receive credit against the cost of new Homewood furniture pieces that you would like to buy.

Image: Homewood

Create furniture to match the dimensions of your space

The beauty of custom-made furniture is that you can design it with specific dimensions to fit your unique space. Don’t shop around for a piece of furniture that fits your lounge or dining room. You’ll end up compromising on style or wood just to get a piece that is suitable for the space you are seeking to fill. By working with handcrafted furniture designers, you’ll be able to develop your dream piece of furniture that will complement your home and suit your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a new kitchen unit or wine rack, or simply need a bigger dining room table for your expanding family, the experienced team at Homewood are passionate about creating furniture that adds warmth and character to your home and they are always ready to assist.

Homewood believes that every indoor activity should be carried out in comfort. Whether you’re curling up with a book, lying back and unwinding after a busy day at work, catching up with a friend over coffee, sharing a meal with your family, or burning the midnight oil in your study, you should be well catered to with indoor furniture that adds beauty to your surroundings and makes you feel at home. After all, your home should be an extension of you. Winston Churchill once said, “We shape our homes and then our homes shape us.”

Image: Homewood

Luckily, Homewood has an excellent Easter special running for the entire month of April, and they’re offering 20% off all woods (excludes Cottonwood), so this really is the perfect opportunity to design the pieces of indoor furniture you’ve dreamed of. Get in touch with your nearest showroom to snap up this offer today.

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