Grant and Maria Folkes

Interior Design // September 2019

Customer has a holiday home in beautiful Zimbali estate. She was looking for a few pieces to finish the story of the house.

unique problems

Customer was looking for a modern minimalist look. Which we achieved with our new Duzu dining table and beautiful Ash timber.

We used Duzu Dining Table, Omusha Plasma Unit, Mukwa coffee table khumbula chairs with the upholstered 3 chairs.

woods used and finishes

All the furniture was done in Ash and we used a good quality stain resistant fabric from Hertex Loyal range.
All furniture was coated in a water based sealant – Rystix – to ensure the coloring of the wood stayed as natural as possible. As customer was going with the lightest timber option. We used high rub, stain resistant fabric to be able to go with the very light grey colour.

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