How to Select the Best Table Shape for Your Space

There’s little a table doesn’t share in – your secrets, stories, dreams, memories and laughs. But, if there’s one thing you should ensure it shares in it’s your sense of style, and choosing the right table shape is a big factor in this.

There are many factors to consider when selecting the right table for your home, such as choosing the right size table, the right wood and the right height. But one simple factor that often gets overlooked, is finding the right table shape that best fits with your home style.

You need to consider how the space around it has been styled, the various shapes within your space and the shape of the room or area you are planning to place your table in.

To help you along your design journey, we’ve picked 4 basic table shapes and have given you a few simple guidelines for selecting a table suit your design space.

4 Common Table Shapes

Circular Table Shape

Image featuring the Imbiza Dining Table

 Circular tables, such as Homewood’s Imbiza Dining Table, work best next to a large window with plenty of natural light. This is because round shapes can easily make a room feel very claustrophobic if they’re not styled right. These table shapes are well suited to minimalistic designs with little clutter and can also work well to create cosy and intimate atmospheres.

Design Tip: If you are going for a cosy and intimate feel, consider enhancing this by installing a low handing pendant light over your circular table.

Square Tables

Image featuring the Omusha Table

Like the circular table, square tables have a tendency to make small spaces feel smaller. So be sure to pick an area with plenty of space around it. The best kind of area for a this table shape is a rectangular area, as it breaks up any visual monotony and avoids a closed-in feel.

Design Tip: Square tables can look really nice with a rectangular rug underneath!

Rectangular Tables

Image featuring the Duzu Dining Table

Rectangular Tables, like Homewood’s Duzu Dining Table, are ideal for creating spacious atmospheres. These can work in large square spaces or rectangular rooms, and can help elongate a space and make it appear bigger.

Design Tip: Rectangular tables can work as ‘arrows’, leading the eye to focal points in a room. Try positioning the end of your rectangular table towards any special décor element in your home that you’d like to draw attention to.

Oval Tables

Image featuring Homewood’s Imbiza Dining Table

Oval tables are not for the conservative stylists. These tables are excellent at making a statement and filling up a room. They are best suited to open-space layouts and can look really lovely in an organically styled home, echoing soft curves.

Design Tip: Consider pairing this with upholstered chairs, to bring out the soft and elegant look of this type of table.

Have you decided on the best table shape for your space? Get in touch with one of our experienced consultants to take the next step and get advise on available customisation options.

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