Homewood Enters the Kopanya Unit into the 13th Annual IDA Awards

Coming off of the back of our presentation at the Nando’s Clout design programme, where we presented our brand new iLanga Chair, as well as the DTI Furniture Design Competition, where we were awarded second place for our Kopanya unit, we decided to try something a little different and enter a more challenging competition.

This year, we’ve decided to be brave and enter the 13th International Designer of the Year Awards. As a group of awards that acknowledge the talent and skill of design visionaries, the International Design Awards (IDA) has some tough competition with top designers, across the globe, entering into unique categories such as architecture, fashion, graphic design, interior design and new product design.

Although it was tough to decide which product to enter into this prestigious design competition, we made the choice to go with the Kopanya Multi-Functional Unit, considering it’s success in the DTI Furniture Design competition.

Naturally, this product falls under a sub category of new product design, which is kitchen furniture. However, the Kopanya Unit can be used in almost any area of the home due to its intelligent design.

Kitchen Furniture Kopanya Unit

The Competition Theme

With this year’s International Design Awards product theme centering around multi-purpose design. We needed to pick something that was both beautiful and innovative. Naturally, there couldn’t be a product better suited to this than the Kopanya Unit. Designed by wood crafter and founder of Homewood, Ian Perry, who has a BSC in Forestry (Wood Science), the Kopanya is a carefully considered unit that can made out of various types of wood, such as Blackwood and Black Ofram, to add unique character to it.

But there’s more to it than its stunning good-looks. Including foldable panels on each end and a centre that opens out into a rectangular unit, this versatile piece not only works as kitchen furniture, but can also be used as a home bar, dining table and storage unit.

Want to see how the Kopanya Unit can be folded into various shapes with various sizes? Watch this quick video to see it in action.

Wish us good luck as we nervously enter this into the  kitchen furniture category and stay up-to-date with the competition’s progress by keeping an eye on our social feeds!

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