house harrison

Interior Design // October 2018

As the homeowner is brother to the famous Wes Harrison from Homewood – the brief was to challenge said brother and come up with something awesome – which he duly did.

unique problems

Tim had a new home architecturally designed and built and needed the interiors to match with the beauty of the design of the building. Wes from Homewood and Melissa Helberg were brought in to do just that.

All items were custom designed – with the following ranges used as the basis for the design language: Mukwa in the lounge. Dwala in the dining room.     

woods used and finishes

In phase 1 of the project Kiaat was used when we could source it sustainably.

Phase 2 of the project – Black Ofram was used to tie in with the Kiaat and blend more with the interiors rather than stand out.

Water based Rystix was used as the coating on all furniture.

The fabric theme was natural and very African – with cattle skins  being the feature.

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