Maximising Your Space with Multifunctional Furniture

As our modern lifestyles become more minimalistic and homes seem to be shrinking, there is a greater need for multifunctional spaces, and even more so, multifunctional furniture.

Be smart about storage

Gone are the days of buying a separate piece of furniture to fulfill every possible function in the home. Not only is it expensive, but it clutters up your space. You need to learn to be smart about storage. Start choosing pieces of furniture that are both trendy and versatile. Side tables that stack neatly underneath a coffee table, or pieces that pull apart to create more work surface area are a great way to keep your home neat and make the most of your space. The Mukwa Desk, for example, can be created with an extra chest of drawers on wheels that slide out as required. Better yet, choose to have your furniture custom made so that the design fits the unique dimensions of your space and is tailor made specifically to suit your needs.

Image: Homewood

Furniture that inspires

Homewood loves creating handcrafted furniture that inspires, and they recently entered the DTI Furniture Design competition with one of these pieces. The challenge was to design a range of multipurpose and multifunctional furniture that was modular and could be purchased as separate units when budgets allowed. The units must complement each other to form a cohesive collection. The design must allow the user the flexibility to use the unit for socialising, relaxing, eating, entertaining, storing things, working and studying.

Furniture that pushes the boundaries of form, functionality & creativity The team at Homewood got together to come up with an idea for a piece of furniture that would push the boundaries of form, functionality and creativity. “We drew the design by hand, developed it further on AutoCAD, and then physically handcrafted the piece from there.” – Ian Perry.   

Nkwana Unite – an impactful little piece

Homewood are excited to introduce to you: Nkwana Unite – proud winners of the DTI Furniture Design Competition 2021. Nkwana Unite is an impactful little piece – two separate units of furniture which pull apart and become several units – from a coffee table, couch, desk, dining table, chest of drawers, bottle rack, bookcase, bed, and pedestal – the possibilities are endless!  

“I think The Nkwana Unite Unit is world class. If you have two items that can serve the function of ten or eleven items within a home – wow, what a cost save!” – Homewood owner, founder, and award-winning furniture designer, Ian Perry.

On top of the vast multifunctional aspects, this unit is eco-friendly and sustainably made. The wood has been felled, sawmilled, dried, and manufactured locally. It has been handcrafted using superior quality wood from alien-invasive trees that have been removed from our waterways to preserve and protect our local environment. 

With more and more people downsizing, or simply wanting to maximise their space, there is no denying that multifunctional furniture is a huge trend and the future of furniture design. Contact your nearest Homewood showroom and find out how you can order the award-winning Nkwana Unite unit, or design a custom furniture piece for your home that will transform your interior.

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