Indoor Furniture Pieces That We Love

Winter is upon us, and it’s time to do our best version of hibernating: cosying up our homes to make them warm, inviting, and ready for relaxing and entertaining indoors. Whether you prefer escaping to a new world at your writing desk, curling up with a good book, snuggling up and binge watching on a wonderfully comfy couch, or entertaining friends and family in a welcoming space, you should do it with indoor furniture that speaks to your style, your daily life and your favourite spot in your home – speaking of which, we’ve broken down our favourite seasonal pieces according to each room in your house.

The Lounge

It’s called a lounge for a reason – you’re meant to lounge around and feel at ease. And what better piece to do that with than with the Nkwana Day Bed! This large and lovely couch has all the room you need to completely stretch out and chill 😉. And what’s really great about it is the fact that there’s no compromise on style for comfort – you get the best of both!

The Bedroom

Your bedroom is exclusively used by you and should be an area you indulge in, with every corner of it filled with something you love to look at.

When it comes to bedroom furniture that really stands out to us, and makes us smile every time we look at it, we have to pick the Kholeti 4 Poster Bed. It creates a magnificent focal point and gives off that warm and cosy feel with the posters seemingly, ‘tucking you in’.

The Study

If you’re the type who loves to escape into your own world through writing, gaming, or doodling, then the study is your spot and you’re best off with a desk that has plenty of workspace and that makes you feel like you’re in your happy place.

For us, the Paindane L Desk is exactly this.

As a side note: If a desk could wrap its arms around to hug you, we assure you, the Paindane L Desk would!

The Entertaining Room

For entertaining, you want a piece that boldly takes up and shakes up your space. And we couldn’t think of a piece that fits this description better than the Baleka Trolley with Door and Drawers. It offers plenty of space to keep crockery and cutlery and to layout a magnificent spread of food and drinks, which guests can help themselves to.

Which area of the home do you spend most of your time in, and which piece of Homewood indoor furniture would you pick for it? Share this post on social, tag @homewood and tell us what you’d choose to ‘hibernate’ with.

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