Khumbula Occasional Chair

Starting from:
(Frame only)


Factors influencing pricing:

  • Wood Choice

    Different wood types have different price points.

  • Custom Sizing

    If your furniture size requirements deviate from our standard sizes, it may affect pricing.

  • Weave & Upholstery Options

    Pricing varies based on the choice of weave and/or upholstery. This pricing is not included in the original “starting from” price.

This Zulu word means to recall, to remember.

Remember when:

Rock was king?

Asymmetry was in vogue?

Perspex hit the mainstream?

Colours were bright, fun and psychedelia ruled?

Inspired by a wave of nostalgia for those times, we designed our Khumbula range in a way to bring all those past memories and trends to the twenty-first century. Combining many retro elements with our recognisable linear HOMEWOOD design styling, this is an exciting indoor furniture range.

If your piece requires upholstery and rope for weaving, the price estimate does not include the materials.

Chat with your showroom manager for more info and pricing, or read more about choosing a furniture weave here.




Our outdoor furniture is made to weather well. Each piece from our outdoor and patio range has been crafted with durable solid wood such Cottonwood, Blackwood, Sugar Gum, Camphor, and River Red Gum, providing the ultimate longevity.


We offer a 1-year guarantee on furniture made from this wood.

  • River Red Gum: We offer a 5-year guarantee on external furniture in the correct design in this wood.
  • Camphor: We offer a 3-year guarantee on external furniture in the correct design in this wood.
  • Blackwood: We offer a 2-year guarantee on external furniture in the correct design in this wood.

PLEASE NOTE: Furniture that is permanently and fully exposed to the elements needs to be designed using extremely durable wood. Material, design, and range must be considered when choosing a piece of furniture, and you will be advised accordingly, depending on where you intend to use and store your product.

NB: Going against the advice of your showroom manager and choosing the incorrect type of wood, design, or range could affect the validity of your guarantee. Please consult with your showroom manager or sales guru and ensure that you are advised correctly on which wood design and range to choose for the intended use of your furniture so that your guarantee is not affected.

You can read more about which wood types are best suited for indoor and outdoor furniture here.

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