Sanitizer Stands with Humans and Nature in mind

In an effort to reduce the spread of germs and maintain a clean workspace, HOMEWOOD is using wood cut offs to hand craft solid wood Sanitizer Stands that are made with humans and nature in mind.

Sanitizer Stand 1

When manufacturing our stands, we have carefully designed them with a foot pedal dispenser to ensure you can sanitize and practice good hygiene without contact. Our stands are a sustainable option too, as they are made using off-cuts of wood from the factory, a mix of Teak, Oak, Ash, Cottonwood and other woods, to ensure no piece of wood goes to waste.

Each stand is just over 1 meter high – 80mm x 80mm upright shaft with a 300mm diameter base, the bottle holder base is adjustable so you can set it at any height to fit any sized bottle. The solid wood look shies away from the industrial Sanitizer stands that are currently being used in the workplace. The custom design will fit into any office or workspace effortlessly.

Our solid wood hand sanitizer stands offer:

–           Height adjustment for convenience.

–           A food pedal for hand free hygiene.

–           A strap to secure the sanitizer bottle.

–           An aesthetically designed look that will go with any companies look and feel.

We are also offering a free Sanitizer Stand to valued customers who spend R50 000 or more on Homewood’s #CraftedLuxury. This offer is valid until the end of Level 3 lockdown.

Stay safe and practise good hygiene. Order your Sanitizer stand from HOMEWOODhttps://homewood.co.za/get-in-touch/

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