We’re on board with this 2023 interior design trend…

There’s something about the beginning of the new year that kickstarts the process of dreaming and reinvention, whether it’s setting personal goals or giving your home a refresh.

Come the beginning of year, there will always be new trends in the interior design space– from curved furniture to reeded accents, clean lines to soulful vintage pieces. Over the centuries, we’ve seen it all-it’s the evolving nature of design.

There is, however, one trend that’s topping all the lists of predictions. One trend we hope is here to stay.

It is, of course, (you guessed it) sustainably sourced furniture.

If we can be completely frank – it’s about time.

After almost 20 years of running a business whose core values are rooted in being good stewards of our environment, we are so grateful that people are finally asking the question, “how was this made” when met with a purchasing decision.

Each year more homemakers and business owners are becoming more informed about the decisions they make when it comes to the health of our planet, and research is showing that behavior is slowly beginning to change.

Patti Carpenter, Global trend ambassador for MAISON & OBJET, describes this growing trend of sustainability as being influenced by “the move towards personalization and self-expression and the need to voice our values through our purchases.”

People who are particularly concerned about the look and feel of their spaces are becoming less willing to spend money on cheaply made furniture that will end up in a landfill in a few years’ time. In our opinion, nothing can compare to real, sustainability-sourced wood when bringing warmth and soul to any room.

If this resonates with you, we’d love for Homewood to be your supplier of choice as you brainstorm ideas for introducing eco design furniture into your home or workspace in 2023. Our Homewood furniture favours all things natural, with our timeless and luxurious pieces providing a feeling of escape – of hitting the ‘pause button’ – and bringing a part of the outdoors in. Every furniture piece is handcrafted using wood from alien invasive trees that have taken over in our local South African communities, including Blackwood, Sugar Gum, Red River Gum, Cotton Wood, and Camphor (when available).

Each piece is one-of-a-kind and designed to last by our amazing factory workers from the Midlands Lidgetton community.

Together we can bring meaning back to the old saying, “they’re a part of the furniture.”

Speak to our team today about making your 2023 sustainable design dreams a reality.

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