Birds Babble Self Catering Guest House

Hospitality // March 2020

She wanted to replace her current sleeper couch and stressed that it must be soft and comfortable in a light wood to tone in with the woods of the other furniture.

unique problems

We used our Nkwana Sleeper couch, but the cushion she felt was too hard and she wanted it thicker and softer. The size of the standard frame didn’t allow for this, so we customized the frame to specifically accommodate the thicker foam while still sitting at the correct height while being used as a couch.

Nkwana Sleeper couch –
Frame was adjusted by dropping the height of the seat to accommodate thicker foam.
We specially customized foam to size and added a layer of Backrom for softness.

woods used and finishes

White Ofram – to tone in with the other furniture in the room.

Rystix was applied to seal the wood for a busy guest house environment.
Grey fabric was selected for ease of use and tone in with surrounding colours.

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