Choosing Hertex Fabric for Your Homewood Furniture

Beautiful fabrics can truly add a bold statement to a room. But one thing you should always consider is when choosing what fabric to use, will that style and colour will stand the test of time? Ask yourself where will your furniture be place? Will you need a more durable, fade resistant fabric if kids, animals or direct sunlight are involved? At Homewood we only use We only use Hertex fabric because of their reputation for longevity and durability.

Deciding on which type of fabric to cover your furniture is important as you must take into consideration style, durability and colour.


You need to choose a fabric that compliments the furniture as well as the interior design of your house. Take the shape of the furniture into consideration when you’re choosing a fabric. If you’re wanting to upholster a curvaceous piece, go for solid-coloured fabrics so the piece of furniture does not look too busy.


The importance of fabric durability varies depending on the piece of furniture, where it will be place, how often it will be used and whether children and pets will be using it. If you have small kids or an active pet that can scratch furniture, then you will want to avoid luxury materials. Woven patterns tend to hold up longer than printed ones, as do higher thread counts and tight weaves. Durable fabrics, such as corduroys or microfibre blends are a good choice for living or dining room furniture that is used daily.


Your fabric colour choice should depend on the how often that piece of furniture will be used. Natural colours are a popular choice for hiding dirt as well as being a neutral that can go with many different décor styles. Lighter, solid colours can be used to create a spacious, inviting mood in an area. Darker colours or patterns are better for hiding dirt and wear, a good choose if your furniture will be used daily or you can always choose a bold colour to make a statement in your space! Most importantly, make sure it’s a colour you’ll still love in 10 years’ time.

Where to choose your Hertex Fabric:

Our showrooms around the country have many sample books that you can view, or you can visit the Hertex showrooms which are conveniently next door to our Kramerville, Umhlanga and Nelspruit stores. For quotes on the fabric you would like, you can get the details of the fabric name and colour and email it to our showroom team.

You can also view the Hertex website to see what you like but make sure you see the colour in real life too.

Colours & Patterns we love:

Koolhide in Turquoise – This stunning blue shade is flame retardant, chemical, water and oil Resistant and the perfect fabric choice for both indoor and outdoor furniture. We love the vibrancy of this colour and just how well it complements our lightly coloured ash wood furniture.

Laytown Storm – This pattern is elegant and suit furniture made with darker woods. Its sun proof and an outdoor fabric. We love the dark colour with vague light lines. This material is also soil and stain resistant, eco-friendly, water repellent and machine washable.

Waterwise in Ochre – We love this African inspired pattern with the pop of yellow. The fabric is dual purpose and would suite our light coloured wood furniture.

Need help choosing the right Hertex fabric?

Visit a Hertex showroom and deal with their wonderful staff. Homewood has built a great relationship with them and the sales staff over the years. Their team is extremely knowledgeable and will be able to help our customers choose the right fabric for the right application. For indoor and outdoor furniture, Hertex fabrics offers a wide range of fabrics that will suit your style and protect your furniture.  

hertex fabric

With Homewood’s unique furniture and a wide selection of colours and styles available from Hertex you be able to design the home you’ve always dreamed of.If you’d like to stay updated about our new products or custom-made furniture options, please subscribe to our newsletter (see subscribe button below).

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