Cotton on to Cottonwood

We’ve found a way to bring you high quality pieces of furniture at a more affordable price. Our Amanzi Conscious Collection focuses on using woods that help us support local, cost less and still bring you the same appearance and quality Homewood is known for. By handcrafting furniture using invasive timbers, we’re ridding our South African waterways of this invasive species and using the beautiful timber to create high quality, stunning furniture at an reasonable price.  


A timber that deserves more recognition in the furniture industry is Cottonwood, also known as Poplar. Underneath the risk that cottonwood poses in our environment is something beautiful and once eradicated, we use the stunning textures and grains to create unique pieces of furniture. Cottonwood is very invasive in the Free State area and by Homewood supporting its eradication process, we’re able to support the creation of many jobs and small businesses as well as helping to improve our economy an environment 


We love working with Cottonwood in the factory, each plank has a uniquely coloured timber that boasts its share of peaches and cream tones.  This wavy-grained, textured wood adds a clean, fresh look to a space, and is known for its affordability without compromising on the quality.  When treated, Cottonwood remains persistent and is graciously embraces dents and impacts without depleting the overall elegance of the showpiece. It can be brushed and aged to have a drift wood appeal. 

When it comes to the cost, due to cottonwood being sourced locally, the cost of a Homewood piece manufactured using Cottonwood would be lower than other woods. For example, if you had to order the Duzu Drawer desk in Plantations teak the cost would be roughly R12 919 but if  your ordered that same desk in Cottonwood, it would cost you R5500 and the quality would still be similar. The difference? Where the wood is sourced.  Plantation Teak is more expensive as its imported and importing fees have a price. Cottonwood is sourced locally and the cost is much lower.  

Not only is the price a great thing but so is the ecological side of it. Purchasing a piece of furniture manufactured using cottonwood means your support the local communities and environment. At Homewood we work with the long-term vision of sustainability in mind. From conception through to manufacture, we live out our passion for the environment. 

Through the use of cottonwood and all the others wood in our Amanzi Conscious Collection, we’re focusing on quality, value and a chance for our custmers to support local and help our local businesses, communities and environment thrive.  

Support Local. Shop Homewood and order your piece of luxury sustainable furniture.  

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