Top Furniture stores in Nelspruit

Image: Homewood

If you’re looking for furniture stores in Nelspruit, look no further than Homewood. Situated at The Lifestyle Centre on Amanzi Street, this showroom will knock your socks off! The Homewood marketing team recently sat down with the Nelspruit showroom manager and customer service administrator, Michelle Smith, to find out why customers should stop in at Homewood and marvel at the luxury, handmade, solid wood furniture.

Homewood Marketing: What do you love about Homewood?

Michelle: Homewood is all about helping our environment and people. I love that we make customers’ dreams come true without harming our natural surroundings. The products are authentic and real – they have soul – and are made by people, with their hands.

Homewood Marketing: What do you love about your job?

Michelle: The word “Homewood” says it all. It is all about being at home. Homewood functions like a well-oiled machine: communicating with all involved in the company and considering the needs of customers and staff alike – just as any happy family would do!

Homewood Marketing: What do you love about the Nelspruit Showroom?

Michelle: The setting and location perfectly showcase the Lowveld – large glass windows with views over the city and mountains. It really brings the outside in and is natural and airy.

Image: Homewood

Homewood Marketing: Why should people come and visit the showroom?

Michelle: The floor space is generous enough that we have a wide variety of Homewood pieces in the showroom, which assists a lot in customers choosing items. And of course, Nelspruit is all about friendliness and relationships.

Homewood Marketing: Why should people support local businesses?

Michelle: It is so important that we stand together and support our local businesses because it is almost impossible to compete with imported product . Plus, having purchased a locally made product, you are assured your customer service is going to be responsive and instantaneous.

Image: Homewood

Homewood Marketing: What is an average day at Homewood Nelspruit like?

Michelle: A day at our Nelspruit showroom can fluctuate from a gentle pace with mostly customer services and administrative functions happening. Then the very next day, everyone comes in to visit the showroom at once – discussing custom furniture items or, ordering for their Hoedspruit Estate homes and the like.

Image: Homewood

Homewood Marketing: What is your favourite thing to do in Nelspruit?

Michelle: I love the outdoors – so anything from a hiking trail, to visiting a nursery. Put me outside and I’m happy. Nelspruit is an outdoors city.

Homewood Marketing: What makes Homewood one of the top furniture stores in Nelspruit?

Michelle: We are the only furniture store that custom makes solid wooden furniture, as well as the ONLY one that manufactures in a sustainable manner – with the aim of preserving our water and not harming the environment. Our designs are so unique, you most definitely will not find a similar product in Nelspruit.

Homewood Marketing: What is your favourite wood?

Michelle: Anything from the Amanzi Conscious Collection!

Homewood Marketing: What is your favourite Homewood furniture piece?

Michelle: Can I make a list? To pick one only is difficult, but I choose The Duzu 2019 Bed.

If you’ve never stepped foot in the Nelspruit Homewood showroom, pop in and see exactly what Michelle has spoken so passionately about. Don’t be surprised if you walk away with a handful of smalls and having made a deposit on your custom-made piece of dream furniture 😉  

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