Homewood’s Yellow Jersey: The Solid Wood Occasional Chair Inspired by Cycling

There’s a new kid on the block. Say hello to the super cool, ultra-trendy Intambo Occasional Chair!  This solid wood occasional chair has been in the making for the last 3 years. Homewood owner and founder, Ian Perry, had been wanting to design something special and had been mulling it over in his mind for quite some time. He was relaxing at home with his family, in what can only be described as a classic case of “netflix-and-chill,” when he began sketching these designs down on paper. Stemming from his favourite pastime – mountain biking – out came a sleek and edgy chair with design lines that mimic a bicycle. 

This gorgeous, new design uses sleek, geometric lines that are both eye-catching and memorable. It makes for the perfect piece in the contemporary home, boutique guest lodge, or corporate workspace. The sharp and angular framework creates a beautifully modern aesthetic.  

Featured above is the Intambo Occasional Chair in Blackwood. This is primarily an indoor wood with a gorgeous array of colours in the grain – from brown, gold, straw, and yellow, to caramel. The spectrum is vast, making it a wonderful wood to work with. It is always different, and this is the mass appeal about this wood in furniture. It’s a clean look, but it is a descriptive wood. That being said, the chair is available in any other indoor wood variety that Homewood offers, in a weave colour and thread style of your choosing. You can change up the chair to suit your individual taste and décor preference, making it completely yours!  

Homewood’s weaving material is made from polyester rope. This material was chosen over leather, which typically fades, dries out, cracks and stretches over time, causing it to require more maintenance. Polyester rope doesn’t stretch or lose its shape and can bear very heavy weights, making it a super comfortable and durable choice as a chair seat. The added bonus is that it is easy to clean. You can choose to have your solid wood occasional chair weaved in natural, beige, grey, yellow, neon, red, ocean, purple, lime, emerald, olive, black, or navy. Read more about choosing a weave here.

Would you like to have this sleek, cutting-edge, solid wood occasional chair in your home or office? Get in touch with the team at your nearest Homewood showroom to order yours today. Which weave style and colour would you choose to complement the design? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below. 

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