Keeping it Clean and Trendy with Kisondo: Homewood’s Unique Furniture Range

As award-winning, luxury furniture design manufacturers, Homewood are always searching for ways to be different. It is not about necessarily being better that makes us special, it is our ability to be original, daring, and different. We don’t like to follow the trend – we prefer to set the trend – and so, if you’re one of those forward thinking, idea-generating, living-life-outside-the-box kind of people, then the chances are, you’re going to love our brand-new, unique furniture range. 

Welcome Kisondo 

Kisondo is Swahili for “stick,” and we named our new range after the simple and symmetrical wooden dowels, which are such a prominent feature on all furniture pieces from our Kisondo range.  

At Homewood, we always endeavour to be unique.  So, we put on our thinking caps to come up with a new and exciting range that had never been seen before! Inspired by the Victorian “ball-and-claw” design, we have created a new spin on this, with a modern and trendy twist. We cleaned up the lines of these Victorian furniture designs, making them more minimalistic. Kisondo is our Afro-Scandi, simplified and minimalistic version of the classic “ball-and-claw” style.  

Available in all our furniture design offerings – from couches, coffee and side tables, desks, dressers, and servers to beds, dining room tables, book racks, drinks or display cabinets, and servers. Each piece has been kept relatively simple to leave room for our customers to custom design according to their unique requirements and taste. With every piece, there is an opportunity to incorporate the customer’s own flair – from their choice of weave colour and style to the option to add drawers or shelving, or their choice of wood. The simplicity of the Kisondo design makes it a very versatile range. 

Inspiration behind the range 

Homewood owner and founder, Ian Perry, was inspired by furniture found in African bush lodges. He loved the classic “ball-and-claw” look but found the style quite outdated. He wanted to merge this style with something more cutting edge and retro. Together with his design team, they took the trending “tic-tac” shape, simplified the Victorian furniture feet, and connected the two elements together with wooden dowels – a key feature of this new range. 

Recommended wood for Kisondo 

The design style lends itself to using two tone woods, particularly with regards to the dials. Anything from the Amanzi Conscious Collection would be a beautiful fit – perhaps Cottonwood, which has a warm and natural colour, finished with a metal wash, or a combination of River Red Gum and Camphor alternated between dials would also be an excellent choice. You could also play around with different washes to complement the modern design, for example, a rich walnut brown, grey, or jet-black wash would create a striking and eye-catching feature. 


This range will also feature a new weaving technique that has never been done at Homewood before. The aim is to connect the wooden dowels using 2.5mm cord in an array of vibrant colours, which will create a striking feature. 

The new Kisondo range launches in September 2021 and is available for pre-order. Contact your nearest Homewood showroom to be the first in line to have a gorgeous and unique piece of furniture custom made from this range. 

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