The Beauty of Rustic Blackwood Furniture

Blackwood furniture is crafted using wood from invasive wattle from Eastern Australia. As you may have guessed, these trees are not indigenous to South Africa, but grow prolifically throughout our favourable terrain, choking up our precious waterways in the process. Blackwood produces incredibly beautiful wood, and is used to create indoor and some outdoor furniture. It makes up part of Homewood’s Amanzi Conscious Collection – a range designed to help restore natural balance to local environments by creating a demand for the removal of invasive woods.

Picture: Omusha Sideboard in Blackwood with a Metal Wash

One of the defining characteristics of Blackwood is the knots dispersed throughout the wood. For many furniture manufacturers, these knots and variations in the grain are seen as flaws and are cut out of the wood in order to produce a near perfect piece of furniture. Homewood takes a different approach, and celebrates these differences in the wood. Each knot, colour variation, and difference in grain tells a detailed story of how and where the tree grew, and is what makes the furniture special.

Image: Blackwood Server

Image: Homewood

Blackwood is such a versatile wood and a firm favourite at Homewood. From the ranges of colour to the differences in wood grain and texture, Blackwood is always different. It is a wood that can display a vast spectrum of colour, featuring rich hues of chocolate brown, gold, straw, yellow, and caramel. No two pieces of furniture using this wood will ever be the same. You will always walk away with an original and unique custom piece – which is what everybody loves about Homewood furniture.

Homewood have recently received a shipment of rustic Blackwood with even more striking variations that are bound to make original and eye-catching furniture. To thank their customers for their continued loyalty, they are offering a never-to-be-repeated special on character-grade Blackwood. You can choose to have your furniture custom made with their limited collection of rustic Blackwood, at 40% off the standard price. This particular shipment of rustic Blackwood features unique characteristics such as bold knots displayed in the wood, and contrasting colour variations that celebrate the intricate life story of the tree. We can’t wait to see the furniture that is crafted from this versatile and stunning wood.

As an added extra, Homewood have certain fabrics currently in stock that they are offering their customers free of charge (standard labour costs for the upholstery will apply). This offer is valid until stocks last. 

Locate your nearest Homewood showroom to order your dream piece of furniture using rustic Blackwood today.

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