Collaboration, Community, and Christmas – A Short Story

There are three Cs we get particularly excited about at Homewood – collaboration, community, and Christmas. Here’s why:


Homewood furniture is the result of creative minds coming together to tell stories and ensure they stay around. What usually starts as a conversation around design ends in an impressive Homewood furniture piece. One of these pieces, that took collaboration to a whole new level, was a commission for The Pencil, a Club that speaks this same language.

Image: Homewood

Image: Homewood

The Pencil Club was founded on a story that was written many years ago by Leonard E. Read. It’s a simple story written about a pencil, and how it took many people, processes, and places to complete. The humble pencil, as it were, is not as simple as it seems. From the tree fellers and the part-time barista in the factory’s office, to the salesman of the pencil and the artist himself – it’s a story of collaboration in the most obvious sense… and so the story goes.

So, when the opportunity came to put a story such as our very own into a tangible piece of Homewood furniture, the first thought that came to Ian Perry, Homewood owner and founder, was:

“It is projects like these that come around once in a lifetime, which make all the hard work worthwhile.”

Beauty without limitations! Taking wood from Ian’s private collection, The Pencil Club table started to come to life.

A table with 16 legs, each one created using a piece of wood from different places around the world, tells the story of what collaboration means, and what Homewood furniture does – it inspires, leaves a legacy, and indeed tells the most beautiful story.

Image: Homewood

From Mozambique, Zambia, America, Japan, and South Africa – each leg forms a solid foundation which supports the main tabletop – a beautiful and unique piece of blackwood. Blackwood is a local South African wood, and hailed for its rich, characteristic colours of brown, gold, straw, yellow, and caramel. A rainbow nation spectrum of sorts, with each piece of wood being different from the next. Using local South African wood, as the tabletop, creates a powerful metaphor, as each table leg, originating from a different country, supports the top in a mutually beneficial relationship.

This is collaboration, and we are huge fans.


Homewood furniture comes to life through the work of many hands, a.k.a. collaboration. These many hands make up our community, and our community is the essence of every story we tell.

Image: Homewood


A collaboration such as the above is testimony to just how meticulous and versatile our team at Homewood is, and how good they are at conceptual design and creating unique, once-off pieces that tell a story.

Christmas means we come together as a community and celebrate all the stories we managed to tell in the year. It’s a time of reflection and rejuvenation, and we love it.

Image: Homewood

As we gear down for this season of relaxation and rest, we remind you to keep an eye on our pages for any Black Friday and Year End Specials. Factory capacity is slowly reducing for the year, so we encourage any orders needed for Christmas to be placed now.

Looking to collaborate in 2022? Contact us and let’s tell a story.

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