The beautiful result of wooden indoor furniture offcuts

When talking about Homewood, and our wooden indoor furniture, a few things should come to mind. Namely: sustainable, eco-friendly, crafted luxury, handmade, quality, customisable, naturally beautiful, and minimal waste. Minimal Waste… let’s talk about this. How does minimal waste have anything to do with furniture?

Minimal Waste at Homewood

Well, everything in fact. It has everything to do with it, and all our furniture here at Homewood, actually. At Homewood, we waste no part of the wood that we use – we don’t throw anything away! The trees that we use not only tell a story of sustainability, but a story of nature itself. These stories live in every piece manufactured with us at Homewood, and the smaller pieces that get left behind from our custom-made furniture get used up in what we call ‘smalls’. No part of the story gets left behind or forgotten!

Homewood Smalls

Our Homewood smalls, the beautiful result of our wooden indoor furniture offcuts, are smaller, more general use, items that are available to purchase from our showrooms.

We would usually never choose a favourite on our smalls collection, mostly because we love them all, but since its Christmas, we figured we’d get a bit more festive and show our love for the paddle boards, because… cheese boards.

The cheese board, or the charcuterie board, or the king of the grazing plates as the more experienced may call it, is the ideal choice for Christmas. It feeds the family in a stylish, tasteful way, and if you serve it on a Homewood paddle board, then you’re no longer playing games! If you’re going to family this Christmas, take it along as a gift and leave the board behind 😉.

Building your Charcuterie Board

The next question now is how to build a charcuterie board inspired by Homewood – minimal waste, luxurious, quality, and naturally beautiful!

Here’s the Homewood way: Step one: Pick your favourite Homewood small.

Step two: Choose your cheese. If you’re serving a large group of people, you can go big and choose one from each category. Categories being mainly soft, semi-soft, semi-hard, and hard.

Step three: Add some crackers and breads. Good options here are crusty baguette slices, bread sticks, and an array of crackers.

Step four: Select two or three condiments such as pesto or olive tapenade, and place small dollops amongst the crackers, breads, & cheeses.

Step five: Roll up some cold meats, such as salami, prosciutto, and ham and add these to the board. Biltong is also great here.

Step six: Add some strawberries, mixed berries, olives, grapes, and cherry tomatoes around the board. Use mixed nuts to fill up the areas that seem bare.

To ensure you have minimal waste, make sure there are people around who are looking forward to some festive fun!

To keep up to date with future Homewood smalls, and wooden indoor furniture innovations, be sure to follow our social media pages or visit one of our showrooms.

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