The Beauty and Benefits of Handcrafted Hardwood Furniture

In an age of mass production, it is refreshing to find local, handcrafted, artisanal furniture that is made with the utmost care and consideration for the environment. Sure, custom furniture can be a little more expensive, but we truly believe that you get what you pay for, and if you invest in the right piece of furniture and keep up the correct wood maintenance of your piece, you’ll only have to spend this money once. Homewood crafted luxury furniture is made to last a lifetime. Here are just a few benefits of choosing Handcrafted Hardwood Furniture. 

Design Your Dream Piece 

With Homewood, there is no limit to creativity. We are inspired by our customers’ creativity and thoroughly enjoy a new challenge. We are the wood and custom furniture manufacturer experts, so we will advise you about what works and what doesn’t, but we will happily work with you to help you design your dream piece of wood furniture. Whether it’s a custom installation wine rack, bar counter, kitchen cupboards, or dining room table – if you can dream it, we can do it. Take a look at our recent projectassigned to us by German business tycoons, for a custom dining room table. 

Supporting Local 

At Homewood, we value people over machines. Our furniture is handcrafted at our Lidgetton factory, where we only employ locally. We believe in training and upskilling our staff, and in constantly reassessing our manufacturing methods to work with improved efficiency and lowered overheads so that we can pay fair wages. 

Sustainable Furniture that Thinks About the Future 

Homewood works with the long-term vision of sustainability in mind. From conception through to manufacture, we live out our passion for the environment. Our handcrafted furniture utilises almost every part of the tree. We use an energy-efficient manufacturing technique called Steam Bending, and all of our ranges have the option to be created using alien invasive woods to speed up their removal in our indigenous environments. Take a look at our Amanzi Conscious Collection hereFurthermore, we never waste anything and find a purpose for every single wood offcut.

Buy Back and Trade In 

When you purchase a piece of furniture from Homewood, you can rest assured that you will be receiving a superior quality wood product that you can be proud of. The best thing is, if you ever tire of the style, want to downsize that 10 seater dining room table, or simply design something new, our buy back and trade in policy offers you the ability to return your Homewood piece (provided it is an authentic Homewood product and still in good condition) and receive credit against the cost of new Homewood furniture pieces that you would like to buy. 

Our handcrafted furniture is eco-friendly, employment-friendly, handcrafted, customisable, and made from quality solid wood. There are so many benefits to investing in our artisanal furniture pieces. Contact your nearest showroom to stop by and see for yourself. 

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