Stock up! Winter Is Coming…

And in some areas of South Africa it’s already cold enough for another throw on the bed at night. We’ve rounded up our top winter must haves for each room, and we think you’ll really like them. And no, it’s not blankets. If you didn’t know that you need blankets for winter then how have you survived life this far?

Anyway, we digress. Winter must haves: let’s go!


Bathing or showering in winter can be an Olympic sport if your house is cold. It requires breathing exercises and keeping your time to the minimum. And even though we love stepping out the shower onto a fuzzy bath mat, there’s nothing worse then when that bath mat is drenched from everyone else who’s already competed in the Olympic Shower Games 2019 before you. Spare yourself the cold squishy mat, and invest in a bath mat like this one from our Smalls range. No cold water lurking, only welcoming wooden slats, helping you get dry faster and finally get that gold medal.


Greenery tends to disappear during winter (science), but don’t skim on using fresh herbs when making those warm stews. Invest in a few herb boxes and keep that freshness in your food during the winter months. Bonus: a little extra greenery in the house only adds to your style trait. While you’re shopping, add a Nespresso holder to make sure you’ve got your coffee stock readily available to warm your bones when needed.


Keep your coffee table neat by adding a tray to your display. Fill it with an ornament alongside your coffee table books for a quick enhancement. Plus it’s perfect to quickly grab if you have guests over and you need to bring everyone’s warm beverages through to the lounge. We love a good double use out of one item.

Dining room

With all those slow cooked warm meals you’ll be serving up, save your dining room table from the scorch of casserole dishes and add a round serving board, like this one pictured from our Smalls range. Great for holding those warm dishes and doubles up as a center piece when you’re not dining.

Entrance hall

Coats and beanies and hats and scarves. Keep your entrance hall or mud room organised by hanging up a wall rack, like our multipurpose wall rack. Keep coats and hats hung up out of the way, but still readily available. Install one lower to the ground and this wall rack makes a great shoe holder.


Two words. Laptop work tray. Ok fine, that’s three words. We didn’t count before we typed this. But that doesn’t change the fact that you can stay snuggled in bed and spend your weekends watching series in bed with a tray stand made for laptops. It’s like whoever made this (it was us) want’s you to live your best life (it’s still us). Oh look, we’ve got one in our Smalls range that you can shop now.

That’s our top winter must haves for each room. And remember, we’re not sure if we’ve mentioned this, but you can shop each of these suggestions from our online store now. You’re welcome.

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