Welcoming Sugar/Spotted Gum to the Homewood Family

As of September, Homewood introduced Spotted/Sugar Gum as the newest wood variant.

Spotted gum is an ideal carving timber used to manufacture furniture for indoor and outdoor use. In recent years, Spotted Gum outdoor furniture has consistently won multiple industry awards in Australia (the tree’s native country) and is exported to destinations worldwide.

Why did we choose Sugar/Spotted Gum?

The invasiveness of tree species is increasing globally, affecting ecological and socio-economic conditions. Understanding their invasion history and ecology is key to developing effective management approaches.

In many areas of Southern Africa’s countries, alien trees are encroaching on the terrain. A few of these include wattles, pines, mesquite and eucalyptus. This invasion is especially problematic in drought-stricken South Africa due to the trees’ high-water needs.

Invasive trees with the most significant effects, particularly water consumption, are several Eucalyptus species. It is estimated that more than 200 Australian eucalypts have been introduced into South Africa since the 1800s, mainly for forestry growth trials.

Characteristics of Sugar/Spotted Gum wood:

Sugar/Spotted Gum refer to a group of eucalyptus species renowned for their durability and hardiness. They are characterised by their blond to tan, yellow to brown, honey-coloured timber with a soft finish. Ash tones are also often associated with these wood types.

In addition to having few defects, this type of wood is great for high-strength applications that are also attractive due to its natural colour that shines through when oiled.


This timber has a moderately coarse yet uniform texture – that may appear wavy at times. It’s well suited to flooring, cabinetry, and surfaces. Common gum veins display desirable grain patterns such as a fiddle-back figure and bee’s wings – making it ideal for high-quality furniture.

Unseasoned timber can create beautiful design features, such as exposed framing or rustic exterior cladding. This makes an extremely attractive polished veneer for use in interior decorating.

A furniture’s quality begins with its wood. Our furniture is crafted into functional works of art that consider your everyday life. Using a steam bending technique that is traditional and energy-efficient, our custom furniture features century-old woodworking joints known for their strength and durability. In addition to being beautifully designed, our pieces are also made to last a lifetime.

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