Sustainability Is A Lifestyle Worth Embracing

At Homewood, we approach our work with a long-term vision of sustainability in mind. Making environmentally friendly furniture is our way of living out our passion for the environment.

Our handcrafted furniture:

  • Makes use of almost every part of the tree.
  • Provides employment opportunities.
  • Utilises a manufacturing technique called steam bending to reduce energy consumption.
  • Increases the speed with which alien invasive woods are removed from indigenous environments.

With this in mind, we came up with our Amanzi Conscious Collection. A range based on the purest intention of making manufacturing choices that respect Mother Nature and her people. 

With local alien invasives and water-hungry trees that dry up our waterways, the furniture we craft has the same luxury feel and quality as what you’re accustomed to, reducing your costs and those of the planet.  

Our Amanzi Conscious Collection helps restore natural balance to local environments by driving invasive wood removals like Cottonwood, River Red Gum, Camphor, Sugar Gum and Blackwood. These woods can be used in every range, type of furniture and custom piece we offer. 

Since the start of our Amazi Collection, we have purchased over 1200 cubes of wood and removed 4176 (and counting) invasive plants from our ecosystems. (This is equivalent to 17 hectares or 33 soccer fields of alien vegetation.) As a result, we have been able to restore 100,224 litres of water to our country this year alone! 

We believe our furniture reflects a deep warmth and heart. This is embodied by the human touch of our factory workers, our love for the environment, and the story of the tree.  

 No part of the wood is wasted and nothing is thrown away. If there’s a knot or a variation in grain, we leave it there. A red streak in the grain, for instance, may indicate that the tree was stressed by drought or perhaps compressed by strong winds, whereas a rich yellow streak indicates the tree’s resistance to insect attack.

Each tree has its own unique character derived from its growing conditions, and this is what gives our furniture its unique appeal. It is in these small differences that the story of the tree unfolds.  

Therefore, we oppose wasteful practices like timber grading and selection. Our goal is to keep it random and natural – the way mother nature intended!

Why choose custom-made furniture?

  • A piece that is sized just for you – Our furniture is handmade according to your specifications, so you won’t need to search every shop for a piece that fits your space.
  • Customised to your comfort – Weaves, cushioned upholstery, solid or slatted backrests, contoured seats, and many more options are available to enhance your comfort levels.
  • Exactly the way you want it – Why settle for anything less than what you want? With our custom furniture manufacturers, you can create a space you’ve always imagined.

Our exquisitely crafted custom pieces have travelled far and wide. Our products can be found in lodges, homes and corporate spaces around the country and worldwide – from residences in KwaZulu-Natal and offices in Cape Town to game lodges in Zambia and homes in Scotland. 

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