House Kemp, transformed into a masterpiece by Homewood is now open


Our team at Homewood has had the pleasure of working alongside Annika Kemp over the past few months as she has developed her incredible Bed & Breakfast in the KZN Midlands, the House Kemp. An earthy and African-inspired ambiance are infused into the interior design of this house.

Client Introduction:

Annika and Mike Kemp recently purchased a Bed & Breakfast nestled in the heart of the Midlands. Annika was looking to make the space more inviting with personalised touches. She found Homewood and immediately loved our products! She and Neonita, the showroom manager from our Piggly Wiggly showroom crossed paths on an odd occasion. This is where she was introduced to Homewood in a more personal manner. Having a passion for interior decorating herself, their two minds came together and created a masterpiece!


Annika and Mike Kemp wanted to work with a local company that could handcraft and customise unique furnishings tailored to fit each space to perfection. They chose Homewood because of our ethos and role play in the environment.  A big thing for Anika were the headboards above each bed, she needed to custom fit them to the wall size. Throughout, she aimed to make the space feel more open and lighter, creating an atmosphere of luxurious comfort that everyone can enjoy.


As a result of learning more about the projects’ requirements, the Homewood team envisioned a customised solution that would bring together her search for a lighter, earthier feel. In addition to our products being practical and durable, we are knowledgeable enough to assist her with product placement, where our interior expertise comes into play.


From inception, we knew that Annika needed a brand that she could relate to along with seeing her vision and being able to implement it.

The project started in late February 2022 and was completed in three months, despite many challenges during construction and renovations.

 Homewood was given Carte Blanch by Annika, thus giving Neo the opportunity to work her magic and create a luxury getaway for the couples’ guests in the Midlands.  

Taking full advantage of this opportunity, Neo opted for all earth tones including light wood (Cottonwood) along with products that were minimal yet modern and had a story to tell.

The enormous headboards were made specifically for Annika, we wanted to capture more of an African feel, which is why we used a lot of fabrics and weavings with an African-inspired print.

The dressing tables, the kitchen table and room pedestals were also crafted to accommodate her requirements. 

Ultimately, there were only two items that were standard throughout the entire project, which were the Imbiza chairs and Duzu couches.

All the items were either customised or made larger or smaller.

The items that we used in the House Kemp were the Nkwana Daybed, Duzu Couches, Imbiza Couches, Kisondo Dresses, Omusha Dining Table, custom Omusha Cabinet, Imbiza Round table, Paindane chairs, Duzu Slim Chairs, Custom Floating Pedestals, Custom Floating Plasma Unit and décor pieces, Khumbula Benches, Imbiza Benches, Omusha Coffee Table and Custom Headboards. Rystix was applied to all products for an ultra-long life protection seal, which helps keep moisture and provides protection against fading.


The Homewood team fully understands and appreciates the importance of client trust. As a result of Annika’s trust, we were able to act on her behalf. Therefore, the interior is a perfect example of what can be done when all natural, minimalistic and simplistic elements are used in complete harmony. Homewood continues to grow, and we look forward to our future success and are proud to be a part of so many lives and shared spaces.

The couple were thrilled with the end result and had this to say, “We would like to thank the Homewood team for furnishing our B&B perfectly while exceeding our expectations. Everything we were looking for, Neo has executed perfectly, bringing our vision to reality. We could not be more pleased with the outcome.”

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