Creating Conscious Furniture with Heart

Custom, Conscious, and Celebrating Life

Much of Homewood’s story begins in the roots of sustainable processes that honour the lives of our community members as well as our environment. We understand how vital our fragile ecosystem is, which has manifested itself into our long-term vision for sustainability.

What Does Conscious Mean?

We don’t mean the kind of furniture that can think for itself… that’s next year’s plan.

When we say conscious furniture, we simply mean furniture that is made with the benefit of the ecosystem in mind. When we design and craft our pieces, we ask ourselves how we can best make use of our precious resources, and how we can ensure that we give back to both our community and environment in the process.

Any piece of furniture that is made using eco-friendly practices can be considered ‘conscious’. That rules out mass manufactured furniture that is churned out at high rates with little to no regard for the damage it causes.

Why Is It Important?

Sustainable and conscious practices are important because our resources are strikingly finite. Utilising what little we have in a way that not only reduces wastage but helps to improve our dwindling resources is at the very core of what we do at Homewood.

As a natural extension, supporting these practices is what truly makes a world of difference. Choosing to fill your home with items that are crafted with the environment in mind helps us make eco-friendly furniture a widespread reality!

How Does Homewood Contribute?

We start off by only using alien invasive and water-thirsty species when creating pieces for our Amanzi Conscious Collection, a range we designed with the vision of giving back to the earth. We take the species that cause irreparable damage to our environment and use them to craft beautiful pieces for your home, office space, lodge, and more.

Not only do we use sustainable means when crafting, we also believe in uplifting our community as we do so. By hiring from within our surrounding communities and upskilling them, we help them grow to become skilled craftspeople. And it is this team that pours their passion for the environment into our projects, not clunky machines that pump harmful waste into the environment.

Partnering with Working For Water (WFW)

We have proudly joined forces with the Working for Water Programme, a government initiative grown in the Western Cape. This programme aims to challenge the destruction our environment faces from alien invasive species.

Homewood, in turn, aims to sustain this initiative by purchasing alien invasive biomass and using it to create unique works of art.

“Our love of the environment starts with us the employees of Homewood. All of us enjoy the outdoors and it’s this that creates the desire to protect it … I think.”

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