Why invest in sustainable and eco-friendly furniture?

Here at Homewood, there are a few words we’re proud to stand by: 




Sustainability – because we want to create pieces of furniture that will last a lifetime ( or more!) . Those that lend themselves to be reused and reloved over time. To be beautifully woven into someone’s life story and then another someone after that! We’re so confident in the quality of wood and craftsmanship that we’re the only wood manufacturer in South Africa that will buy back and accept trade-ins of our own Homewood creations which are refurbished and sold on to new owners.  

Eco-friendly – because this planet is all we have. We use exclusively alien-invasive woods, removed from South Africa’s natural environment that are harmful to our waterways, to create furniture that is beautiful, durable and cuts down our carbon footprint.  

Ethical furniture – because our people are more than our “workers”. They represent whole families from our local Lidgetton community and bring their passion and skills to work every day. We believe in fair wages, safe working conditions and upskilling wherever the opportunity presents itself! 

Now that you know a little about what we, as Homewood, stand for, here are some reasons why sustainable, eco-friendly furniture is the way to go! 

1. Synthetic, unnatural materials can be harmful to your health.  

With the aim to make furniture quicker and more cheaply, manufacturers have resorted to the use of cheap coatings and processed materials such as plastic and synthetic materials. These include chipboard and fibreboard, which contain a formaldehyde-based resin and other synthetic materials which can actually pose a significant risk to human health as well as the environment.  

2. Reduce your carbon footprint! 

Okay, this one might be more of a given, but simply needs to appear on this list. With deforestation rates at unprecedented levels, as well as the energy consumption that is required in the production, transportation, and sale of just one piece of furniture, don’t underestimate the impact your choice can make! Here at Homewood, we no longer import certain wood types simply due to the massive carbon footprint that comes with transporting them. Instead, all the wood we use for manufacturing is sourced right here, in SA.  

Purchasing natural or hardwood furniture options is also better for the environment in terms of production. The more processed and complex the materials ( i.e. – chipboard), the more energy is used to manufacture them. (and the more pesky greenhouse gases are emitted)  

All in all…. 

Every time you choose to buy environmentally friendly furniture, you’re committing to a better world, not only for the environment but for people as well. You’re ensuring that you are living in a healthy environment while simultaneously fighting against the global trend of mass production. 

Here at Homewood, we are so encouraged by the increased initiatives to encourage this kind of manufacturing and watch with pride as brands and designers are increasingly placing sustainability at the core of their thinking and design processes. 

We’ll admit, there’s a long way to go, but progress is progress and we’re grateful to be a part of this journey.  

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