Using Wood to Redesign Your Home Interior

It’s 2022 and we’re out here trying hard not to get carried away by all the things we want to do this year. Do you have some grand plans to redesign areas of your home but aren’t  sure where to start? Good news: we have enough ideas to go around! Better news: wood is always a great element to start with – it’s a natural material, perfect for any piece of furniture or accessory you’re looking to introduce into your newly designed space.

It’s always easier when you break things down and start with individual rooms rather than get overwhelmed and not start at all. With that being said, let’s start with the bedrooms and look at a few wooden bedroom furniture ideas. We’ll break down the purpose, unique problems, and thought processes we’ve had in the past, into two simple principles that you can use to translate these same ideas into your own home. 

“Simple principles that you can use to translate ideas.”

Wooden bedroom furniture ideas can come from almost anywhere, but you mostly want them to come from the story, people, and places the room is inspired by and will be talking to. And then, once you have unpacked the inspiration, you can start looking at the nitty gritty details. 

Keep Functionality and Usability in Mind

When we started designing for House Fellner, we needed to consider a unique non-negotiable for one of the bedrooms in the house – a wheelchair friendly bedroom. We designed and manufactured the bed, side tables, and a dressing table suitable for the space, all whilst keeping to the unique, light look and feel that the client required.

With this ‘unique problem’ in mind, we established that the functionality and usability of any bedroom furniture is one of the main principles to consider first and foremost. If the dressing table was too high, the user would not be able to make effective use it; if too low, it may have looked unbalanced when looking at the room holistically.

The woods used were Blackwood and Oak, allowing us to create timeless wooden bedroom furniture that maintained the required subtle lightness. We coated the furniture in Rystix – a light sealant to protect the wood. For the upholstery, we used African Game Skin leather. A great wooden bedroom furniture idea here is to use the natural surroundings for inspiration when deciding on the upholstery.

Consider Multi-Functional Use and Traffic Flow

Designing for Sophia Morford meant taking the warmness of our beautiful South Africa to their home. The challenge you ask? Limited space. Wooden bedroom furniture is always a good idea, but that can become tricky when you’re working with smaller spaces. So, to make it work, we custom made all the pieces, and considered the flow of movement within the spaces to ensure it didn’t feel cluttered.

Another good idea to consider when working with smaller spaces, is multifunctional furniture. With award-wining multifunctional furniture in our Homewood rages, such as the Kopanya Unit, we have a passion for creating innovative pieces that work alongside the ever-evolving move towards compact, space-saving furniture which accommodates multiple uses.

Black Ofram was the wood of choice by our client. They loved the uniqueness of the timber, and its lighter hue allowed the furniture to not seem overpowering in the smaller spaces they occupied. The furniture was coated in our water-based sealant, Rystix, which ensured the colouring of the wood stayed as natural as possible.

While we could go on about our wooden bedroom furniture ideas, we would love to hear what you would like to do in your home, and how we can help bring this vision to life using our handcrafted, luxury furniture. Visit any one of our showrooms and let’s start redesigning! Learn more about our bedroom furniture here.

“There are two things that make a room timeless: a sense of history and a piece of the future.”

– Charlotte Moss

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