“The beauty of empowering others is that your own power is not diminished in the process.”

– Barbara Coloroso

If you know anything about Homewood, you’ll know that at the heart of this sustainably handcrafted, luxury wood furniture brand is, in fact, its people. Both staff and customers alike, the story has place for both sides, and the roots go deep. Deeper than what you realise, and deeper than they need to be.

You see, for Ian Perry, Homewood Founder and Director, Homewood is not just a business with profit and sales goals. It is a business that strives to make an impact in the world it finds itself in, taking environmentally friendly furniture to an entirely new level. This is the story Homewood is built on, and this story is vital when understanding why choosing a Homewood product is as special as it is.

Pictured above is a behind the scenes shot of the Mr Price boards project, a project that has provided employment to people from the local village who were unemployed and in need of purpose and upskilling. This entire team – just four weeks ago – had never made anything out of wood, not to mention ever used any wood working machinery.

“Four weeks on – after intensive training inhouse – the products ordered by Mr Price are flowing nicely out of this teams’ shift – and the results are really something for them to be proud of. Quite frankly – it’s AMAZING!”

– Ian Perry

So, on that note, to all those who have bought a Homewood product, we say thank you. And to those who are considering it, be assured that your purchase of our quality, environmentally friendly furniture is supporting a story far greater than you can imagine. 

The Homewood story will continue to tell a tale of sustainability, both for nature and for people. Both for staff, and for customer.

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