Looking After Your Homewood Furniture at Home

So, you’ve bought your favourite Homewood piece, now what? Well… now you enjoy it (and oil it occasionally). In that order, with emphasis on enjoy it! 

We understand that taking oil to your most preciously crafted piece of camphor or blackwood sounds daunting, which is why we’ve noted down a few key points to help you oil with confidence!  

Firstly, you would have had to choose between Rystix or Danish Oil as a coating.  

What do these coatings do? 

Rystix is a sealer, so it will protect the wood but won’t necessarily nourish it. Danish Oil, on the other hand, contains linseed oils & natural urethane, so it both protects (seals) and nourishes the wood. 

Which coating to use where? 

Rystix is suitable for pieces that have made their homes indoor as well as in fully enclosed undercover patio areas. Danish Oil, on the other hand, can be used in ALL areas with high through to low/ zero protection, meaning it is the coating of CHOICE for FULL outdoor use. 

In simple terms, if your piece is an indoor piece, you can go Rystix. If it is an outdoor piece, absolutely go Danish Oil. 


Applying Rystix 

When applying Rystix to your Homewood piece, stroke and rub it on with a clean rag. Leave to dry for 2 hours. Stroke and rub on 2nd coat. If the first coat is streaky or patchy, lightly sand before applying the 2nd coat. 

How often should Rystix be applied? 

Less is more. As the internal environment is not very harsh – you do not need to apply anything unless you notice a change in colour or patchiness to the finish over time. If in doubt – please contact us directly. 

Furniture cleaning with Rystix 

Simply wipe down your furniture with warm soapy water or a clean, damp cloth. AVOID AMMONIA or CAUSTIC PRODUCTS. 


Applying Danish Oil 

Rub on a layer of Danish Oil using a clean rag. Wipe off excess with a dry rag after 10 minutes MAX. Repeat once dry.  

How often should Danish Oil be applied? 

With any furniture exposed to the outdoor elements – Danish Oil should be applied within the 1st month of purchase. During this time, at least two coats should be applied. Thereafter, once every 2 months or when furniture looks dry or starts to change colour. Oil will not peel or change colour. If applied incorrectly, a varnish-like skin may appear, and the furniture will need to be lightly re-sanded. 

Furniture cleaning with Danish Oil 

Clean with a damp cloth or with Danish Oil. 

It is not advisable to switch between the two coatings. Once you have selected your coating treatment, you will need to continue using the selected one, or apply it only once full removal (stripping) and sanding of previous treatment has been done.  

If you follow these simple care instructions, your Homewood piece will last you a lifetime – making sure your memories do too! 

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