Learn the lathe!

It is no secret that, at Homewood, three of our top favourite things EVER include sustainable wood, unique wooden furniture, and traditional, quality techniques / machinery. We operate some serious machinery in the factory (and no, we’re not talking about the coffee machine – although, that’s right up there with our industrial sander and lovely lathe!).

Let’s talk about the lathe for a moment… what even is a lathe? Well, you have come to the right place. Not only do we love the lathe, we love that everyone who operates this piece of machinery can subtly leave their craftmanship mark on every piece made – every custom, UNIQUE piece.

The lathe is a machine that we use in the factory to rotate a piece of wood around an axis whilst allowing us to cut, drill, knurl, shape or sand it (depending on the tool used and the desired function). This is one of those machines that allows us to take the cake when it comes to unique wooden furniture!

Lathes generally have different speed controls and are operated using different tools to get the desired finish or effect. They come in a variety of sizes, from domestic to industrial, as well as different modes for different purposes. There is a radical amount of lathe types, with different abilities and powers, giving us an idea of the scope of techniques they cover!

If unique wooden furniture is something you would like to look into yourself, a lathe machine is a worthwhile investment, considering the variety of tools and functions it allows for.  Table and chair legs, like the ones found on our Duzu range, are all formed and refined using the lathe. It gives us full control of the process and allows us to produce unique pieces. Particular to Homewood, and as mentioned earlier, each person working the lathe will impart their personal signature on each leg they turn and work on!

So, by using a lathe, you are quite literally receiving, or making, a signature a piece!

Moral of the story: learn the lathe!

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