Why Wood is Good

Wood has been an important component of our homes for centuries. From chairs and tables to coat racks and cupboards. It only takes a glance through any of the top interior design mags or a scroll through Pinterest to discover it’s everywhere. Wood is timeless yet trendy and lends itself to so many different forms and styles.

Here at Homewood, we predominantly use wood for interior design purposes. It has so much depth and character that it adds a special element to a home by:

  • Having striking details and design,
  • Being suitable for use both inside and outside the home,
  • Adapting and manipulating it to suit your aesthetic,
  • Predominantly using it to make it an eye-catching statement piece,
  • And by it being a classic material used across the world for generations.

Why is wood good?

Although lowering the world’s reliance on wood for building is well-intended, the process isn’t as eco-friendly as it appears.

In fact, wood as a building resource continues to outperform other building materials in terms of both environmental impact and performance.

The following are some interesting facts about wood:

  • Wood is the only large-scale renewable or sustainable building material that can be responsibly sourced (i.e., certified).
  • Wood helps to combat climate change – It contains about 50% carbon and is a low-embodied-energy material (compared to other materials). 
  • Many people prefer wood’s natural appearance and feel over other materials.
  • Using organic materials like wood in a building can create similar effects to those produced by spending time in nature – providing physiological and psychological benefits.
  • Wooden and nature-connected designs can lower blood pressure and heart rates, decrease anxiety and stress, promote social interaction, and improve corporate image.

Despite its durability, our wooden furniture is easy to maintain. The resilience and strength of wood allow it to withstand constant wear and tear. 

Solid wood furniture might initially cost more, but it will be more valuable and reliable in the long run, we also offer buyback and trade-in options. Each piece of furniture has a natural grain that makes it uniquely yours. We are proud of the work we do, the wood we use, and the benefits it brings.

For more on why our wood is good, view our Sustainability and Social Investment page.

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