At Homewood, we love creating new designs and playing around with reworking old designs. We’ve recently just redone two beautifully functional pieces from our existing ranges into two new designs and we’d love to show them off. Because, why not!

We chatted to our head honcho, Ian, for a bit more insight into these redesigns.

Khumbula Occasional Chair

Occasional Chair - Khumbula 2St Ash

What was the inspiration behind the design/idea:

We decided to take our very successful Khumbula dining chair and make it into an occasional/couch type design by stretching it. The dining chair has always been one of our best looking and most comfortable chairs, so it would make sense to expand the range. It also breaks from the traditional solid upholstered couches to a more minimal Scandi look. Basic and very effective.

What was the choice of wood used for this piece, and why:

We chose ash for the first prototype, and the reason is unfortunately not as romantic as imagined. It’s simply because Ash is our cheapest wood and we did not want to test a prototype with more expensive hardwoods. However, the outcome is beautiful in Ash and we can’t wait to make more in other woods.

Your suggested wood choice for this piece:

The beauty about what we do is that customers can choose. So it all depends on their current homes, the upholstery they choose and the décor within their homes. This design will look good in any of the woods we offer. But to break it down per wood choice I’d highlight the following. Teak and Blackwood if they want warm lively tones to warm up a clinical space. Oak and Ash if they want more Scandi/minimal look and feel. And then Black Ofram if they want a lively yet monotone look.

Best spaces/rooms for use:

  • Bedroom as a slipper or occasional chair
  • Waiting rooms for offices, medical rooms, hotels and restaurants
  • Informal sitting rooms in homes
  • Lounges/TV rooms in minimal Scandi type homes
  • Fully enclosed patios

Occasional Chair - Khumbula 2St Occasional Chair - Khumbula 2St Occasional Chair - Khumbula 2St Occasional Chair - Khumbula 2St Occasional Chair - Khumbula 2St

Butcher Trolley – 1 Drawer

What was the inspiration behind the design/idea:

So many people have been asking us to make a smaller version of our 3 drawer trolley – so that’s exactly what we did. The designs then got refined when we were approached by the Makro group to come up with a mobile unit they could sell in their braai section. They never ended up stocking them due to price factors. However, it has made a great addition to our own retail chain and they are widely loved.

What was the choice of wood used for this piece, and why:

We went with oiled Blackwood. It gives off an amazing character and just showcases that expensive, high value butcher board feel.

Your suggested wood choice for this piece:

As it depends on the home/space its going to. We can use any of our woods but my preference will always be the warmer toned woods like Blackwood and Teak which just fit better with the kitchen/braai type vibe.


Product News July 2019 Vol. 2, Issue 7





A spline joint is created when a wooden spline is inserted and glued into a slot or groove that has been cut in another woodworking joint, usually a butt, edge or mitered joint.

The spline serves to reinforce the joint and help keep the two sections aligned with each other. This small enhancement adds considerable strength to whatever joint it’s applied to.

The spline itself can be made from plywood, hardwood or the same material as the joint being strengthened – At Homewood we use the latter. For the ultimate in strength, the grain of natural woods should be oriented so that it’s running across the joint in the work piece.

Splines should never be forced into the grooves, which could cause them to distort or split. Rather, they should slide in easily, but without any side play, to allow enough room for glue to ensure a solid joint.


Homewood COUCH


Sleeper couches are not new – they have been around a long time. But they have always needed a PHD to operate and due to all the moving parts, they seem to never last. Well, all that is about to change with our new Nkwana sleeper couch. – It’s simple, looks great, and when closed you can’t even it tell that it’s not a normal couch. Best of all is it’s super simple to operate and opens with no breakable moving parts. Check it out!

Couch - Nkwana Sleeper Double Open 3D (2) Couch - Nkwana Sleeper Double Open 3D

Couch - Nkwana Sleeper Double Open Front Couch - Nkwana Sleeper Double Open NC 3D


Duzu 2019 Blackwood

Blackwood Duzu 2019


How can we make use of a renewable resource that’s got amazing properties for furniture production and help the environment at the same time? By using and promoting locally grown (invaded) Australian Blackwood, we can help clean up the waterways in KZN and the Cape all while using this amazing wood for furniture. It’s a no brainer really!

We have recently purchased a large volume of Blackwood at a good price. This reduced cost is being passed on to our customers – so until stocks last, we are promoting and selling Blackwood furniture at a 30% discount – so don’t miss out!


Paindane  Paindane  Paindane


We are proud to announce two new items to our long serving Paindane range. We have now introduced a coffee table and 2 drawer server. The lines and simplicity remain Paindane – however the softness of the slight curves and the organic feature of the beam have taken this range to a new level.

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” — Paul J. Meyer

The work environment that you operate out of can seriously make or break your workflow, creativity, and general attitude towards work. If you have a team of employees that work for you, then increasing and encouraging a sense of productivity in the office is something that is constantly at the forefront of your mind. Setting up your office space to achieve optimal work flow is crucial for your business.

Here are 3 ways for you to achieve a productive work space:


Visualise the layout of your office according to workflow or according to how you would like your company or office to be perceived to all who enter. How you structure the office is the stepping stone to a work environment that is both inviting and enticing. Create a vibrant entrance by placing plants at the front desk. Living walls are a huge trend in office spaces. Recreate your own personalised one with our plant boxes. These are so effective to add a sense of class and sophistication while bringing some life to a generally stale space. Because let’s be honest. No one likes a generic office space – so liven it up with plants.

Off the back of mentioning generic office spaces; move away from cubicles and separated work stations to encourage a sense of community amongst your employees. Having a colleague at arms length to run ideas off of is great for work quality and office morale.



In the working world of today, the deadlines and high demands from modern society’s standards have now positioned itself where we are perceived to be available 24/7, 7 days a week. With clients and colleagues being able to reach you via WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, email, and any other combination of communicative apps, creating a space in your office where your employees can grab a technologically silent moment to have a break and a breather will show that you care about your staff and their well-being. Because you really do. Stress workers produce stressed work.


Clutter is the leading cause of <insert whatever word is applicable to you>. Be intentional about designating areas in the office for file storage, a kitchen for eating and drinking, a R&R space for downtime, and then the office space for work mode. Encourage a culture in your office of clutter free desk spaces and maybe consider investing in bookshelves that can be used for storage. Keep work with work and dishes in the kitchen. If there is a designated space for everything, then there will be no reason for staff to pile things up on their desks.


And there you have it. A quick read through our 3 approaches to take when planning your office layout. We have immense skill in producing customisable office furniture to assist in creating an optimised working environment. If you have any needs and would like to get in touch for a quote on your dream desk or bookshelf for the office, then get in touch!

Product News June 2019 Vol. 2, Issue 6

Homewood June Newsletter Content Summary



Our new rope colours are slowly making their way into the factory and furniture pieces.What better way to display and highlight these new colours than with our iconic Imbiza lounger design?


Furniture design is moving away from the boxy sharp-edged look to what I term the river pebble look; curves, rounded edges and organic lines are back. The result of just softening a sharp edge is remarkable – see the images comparing the Umhlanga table before and after the face lift. The only change is the rounding!


As you all know we work in quite a variety of hardwoods. All chosen due to the wonderful colour spectrum they cover as well as the quality they provide for furniture. The choice of wood is absolutely key for its use and look in a specific design and a specific space. Look at how our now bestselling Duzu table is so different when made in warm/rich Blackwood and stark/clean Ash.

Duzu Table Duzu Table


We are always striving to provide a better more durable product. Testing is currently underway to further improve the maintenance required on outdoor furniture finishes. The goal with this round of testing is to get to a finish that only requires a touch up coat once a year full outdoor.  Thus far the results are promising with 1 coating product showing huge potential. It may even result in us able to use cheaper hardwoods for outdoor – yet maintain the life span when compared to suitable woods like Teak.

Watch this space – we will keep you all posted on progress!

For those that haven’t yet signed up to our newsletters, you’ve been missing out. Back in May we shared our top 3 must have items for mom’s on Mother’s Day. And for Father’s Day, we are sharing our top 4 suggestions on what to get ol’ pop’s from our Smalls Range on our online store. With Father’s Day around the corner, there’s no better time than the present to buy him, well, a present. (We went there and we’re not even sorry, #punlife #dadjoke).

We love these 4 items. They’re super handy, versatile, and if we’re honest, they really are for everyone – not just dads. But it being Father’s Day and all, we’re going to give this one to the ballies. Here we go, our top 4 must have gift ideas:


For the default-male-gift-dad

Kicking things off with a strong favourite for any South African dad. A biltong slicer so that he can finally chop his biltong steaks that he gets for Father’s Day, birthdays and Christmas. And if he doesn’t like it, you can keep it. But who are we kidding, anything that involves biltong is a winning gift and a sure crowd favourite, right?


For the pamper-prince-dad

Morning coffee in bed just got an upgrade! Our coffee and rusk paddle boards are the perfect gift for the dad that loves a little morning lie in. Take it a little further and personalise the paddle board with his name. Yes, we can do that. Just get in touch and let’s take your gift to the next level with a little customisation!


For the outdoor-adventure-dad

If you live in sunny South Africa, then by default you own a hat or two. For the dad that lives in hats, get him his own hat rack. You can also customise the hat rack to have more hanging space if his hat collection outweighs the amount of members in his family.


For the always-braai-time-dad

Statistics show that 1 in every 4 dads is the braai-dad. He’s the guy that lights a fire as soon as SuperSport turns on. What better gift for this daddio then a meat board with a drip tray. He can carve his steak freely on one of these bad boys.

Look, we know we’ve highlighted these 4 items as gifts for Father’s Day, but these are perfect for absolutely everyone! Interested to see what else we have on our online store? Get shopping!

Oh, and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

Product News May 2019 Vol. 2, Issue 5


Kopanya Unit scoops more awards at Decorex Cape Town

Our Kopanya unit made its debut at Decorex Cape town at the beginning of May. The reception to the product was astounding – so much so we were awarded the Most Interactive Stand at the show. The crowds that gathered to watch our demonstration every 3 mins were enthralled, sharing their excitement on all platforms across social media. The era of multifunctional/intuitive furniture is here!


Happy customers share images of their recently delivered furniture

It’s always a good feeling to receive positive feedback from happy customers who receive their furniture. Here are but a few images of recent orders that we made, sent in from our amazing customers for us to share in their pleasure.


Winter’s coming – some custom couches and daybeds coming out the factory in May

The first dustings of frost have been felt here in the midlands, and obviously around the country too. Couch orders are on the increase – no doubt to move all entertainment indoors around the fireplace. The slatted trend also persists, moving from plasma units and sideboards to the couch frames too. A really effective way to give the wooden frames great texture and awesome lines!


Want more affordable hardwood that still retains the quality – Meet ASH

Due to the ever-increasing cost of quality hardwoods, we are constantly searching and testing different wood types to ensure we always offer the best value and quality possible. One such search has yielded an interesting wood that has a great future with Homewood.

White Ash (Fraxinus Americana), is also called Biltmore Ash or Biltmore White Ash. It grows best on rich, moist, well-drained soils to medium size. Because White Ash wood is tough, strong, and highly resistant to shock, it is particularly sought for handles, oars, and baseball bats. White Ash is a ring porous hardwood that is heavy, fairly hard, and very tough. Ash features a light coloured, nearly white sapwood; heartwood is typically tan or light brown; and is native to the olive tree family. It grows throughout the eastern part of the United States and represents about 3-5% of the total hardwood timber stand. Due to its naturally pale colouration it is the perfect wood to play around with tints as well as wire brushing to highlight the prominent grain.

And in some areas of South Africa it’s already cold enough for another throw on the bed at night. We’ve rounded up our top winter must haves for each room, and we think you’ll really like them. And no, it’s not blankets. If you didn’t know that you need blankets for winter then how have you survived life this far?

Anyway, we digress. Winter must haves: let’s go!


Bathing or showering in winter can be an Olympic sport if your house is cold. It requires breathing exercises and keeping your time to the minimum. And even though we love stepping out the shower onto a fuzzy bath mat, there’s nothing worse then when that bath mat is drenched from everyone else who’s already competed in the Olympic Shower Games 2019 before you. Spare yourself the cold squishy mat, and invest in a bath mat like this one from our Smalls range. No cold water lurking, only welcoming wooden slats, helping you get dry faster and finally get that gold medal.


Greenery tends to disappear during winter (science), but don’t skim on using fresh herbs when making those warm stews. Invest in a few herb boxes and keep that freshness in your food during the winter months. Bonus: a little extra greenery in the house only adds to your style trait. While you’re shopping, add a Nespresso holder to make sure you’ve got your coffee stock readily available to warm your bones when needed.



Keep your coffee table neat by adding a tray to your display. Fill it with an ornament alongside your coffee table books for a quick enhancement. Plus it’s perfect to quickly grab if you have guests over and you need to bring everyone’s warm beverages through to the lounge. We love a good double use out of one item.


Dining room

With all those slow cooked warm meals you’ll be serving up, save your dining room table from the scorch of casserole dishes and add a round serving board, like this one pictured from our Smalls range. Great for holding those warm dishes and doubles up as a center piece when you’re not dining.

Entrance hall

Coats and beanies and hats and scarves. Keep your entrance hall or mud room organised by hanging up a wall rack, like our multipurpose wall rack. Keep coats and hats hung up out of the way, but still readily available. Install one lower to the ground and this wall rack makes a great shoe holder.


Two words. Laptop work tray. Ok fine, that’s three words. We didn’t count before we typed this. But that doesn’t change the fact that you can stay snuggled in bed and spend your weekends watching series in bed with a tray stand made for laptops. It’s like whoever made this (it was us) want’s you to live your best life (it’s still us). Oh look, we’ve got one in our Smalls range that you can shop now.


That’s our top winter must haves for each room. And remember, we’re not sure if we’ve mentioned this, but you can shop each of these suggestions from our online store now. You’re welcome.

Alone standing Homewood cupboard


If there’s one thing we love, it’s a good challenge. There’s something about the art in finding your way out of a challenge that fires up the creative juices, and that’s when great design and problem solving comes to the party. We were recently approached by the exquisite Leopard Mountain Lodge to help them give their rooms a complete face-lift, and as previously mentioned – since we love a challenge, we were beyond excited to start this project and to sink our teeth into it.



Leopard Mountain is a multiple award-winning, Big 5 family-run safari lodge that is nestled in the Manyoni Private Game Reserve. Famed for the exclusivity of their offerings, this intimate safari lodge hosts only 8 chalets, allowing them to guarantee a personalised service and customised experience for each guest. From endless enchanting views of Zululand to the distant Lebombo Mountains, Leopard Mountain will give you the escape you deserve.


Knowing their standard in service and quality, we set out to create designs that would not only offer their guests crafted luxury, but that would speak to the lodge’s identity, creating a look and feel that would become known as the Leopard Mountain experience. Aligning with the brief that Leopard Mountain put forward, we were able to give their rooms an absolute face-lift while ensuring that the Homewood quality held true from start to installation, and beyond.

Their choice was to work with a proudly South African company that only used sustainably harvested timber and that matched their passion for care for the environment. This was one of the reasons that they chose to work with Homewood. They also saw immense value in our ability to customise existing pieces and develop bespoke pieces that would add to their exclusivity and meet them on their road to only giving their guests the very best.

When we asked Leopard Mountain that if they had to point out what they felt was the best part of their experience of working with Homewood, they immediately highlighted that they thoroughly enjoyed the full process, which as you can image absolutely thrilled us. From the initial conversations discussing their need and finalising the brief, to dreaming up ideas and designs to spec, to seeing the final products in person and the witnessing the installation of the pieces into the rooms – they were delighted to have chosen working with us. They also made special mention that everyone that they dealt with was incredibly professional and passionate about their involvement with Homewood.


Working with hospitality brands is something we really enjoy doing. The vast design landscape that comes with this industry is any designers dream. If you run a B&B or own a lodge and would like more info on how Homewood can help you give your guests an unforgettable experience, then get in touch today by clicking here.


Side view of bed with Homewood benches

Front view of bed with Homewood benches

Closer view of the Homewood benches

Homewood desk and Homewood chest of drawers

Full view of the Homewood pieces added to one room

Homewood desk and Homewood chest of drawers

Homewood outdoor couch

Side view of alone standing Homewood cupboard

Homewood side server

Detailed drawer inners of the Homewood server

Leopard Mountain Lodge



A very successful Decorex DBN 2019 culminated in an excellence award for Homewood and its 2019 stand.

The focus was on bringing in more greenery and showcasing our latest designs in the form of the Imbiza oval table as well as displaying the now very popular Black Ofram as a wood type offering.



Nestled at the top of a mountain line north of the Hluhluwe game reserve – Leopard Mountain 5 star Lodge just oozes luxury for a top end safari experience. When we were asked to assist with the revamp of their 9 luxury rooms we jumped at the opportunity. A few months later all the design and crafting time invested in this project has paid off with a perfectly implemented and executed installation. The items on display in each room match the location and the owner’s vision of what was required to the finest detail.




It seems like our customers are gearing up for a cosy winter in front of the TV – and they are going to do it in style. Here are some customer plasma units we have been crafting this month.



Due to the huge demand for woven elements in our furniture for full outdoor use – we have now brought in Polyester (as opposed to our normal polypropylene) rope which is UV treated and suited for full outdoor use. Used in Yachting and outdoor blinds this adds a great element to our current range. The current colour offering is still in stock with some new awesome colours now available.


It’s that time of year again, where for the entire month of May we slash our prices in extraordinary fashion. You can enjoy up to 70% off on all wood furniture, available at all 4 of our showrooms.



KRAMERVILLE (JHB) 011 262 4268
NELSPRUIT (MP) 010 493 4796
UMHLANGA (KZN) 031 566 5322
PIGGLY WIGGLY (KZN) 033 940 0494

Homewood Advice: Buying a Couch

Buying furniture can be quite stressful. Especially when investing in a piece that not only take us space in the privacy of your home, but also just the effort it takes to decide on that one couch that you’re hoping to have for years to come. Make sure you have no regrets when investing in pieces that fill up your space because it’s these additions that make your home, home.

In this article we’ll be sharing 5 key tips to consider when choosing the right couch for you. If you do go ahead and purchase a couch with Homewood, our designers are here to guide you through the process. They know what is best when it comes to furniture that fits your needs, taste and lifestyle.


1. Invest in comfort – not just aesthetics:

We all love a good-looking couch,

but you’ll regret buying something that

you can’t stand to sit in for more than 5 minutes!

Choose a piece that not only exudes comfort,

but that actually is comfortable.



2. Get to know the bones:

Investing in a quality frame will see you

through many years of, well, lounging. Ask the

sales person thorough questions about the frame

(solid is best) and the guarantee. You can never

know too much.




3. What’s inside?

Choose the right inner for your cushions.

You don’t want flat cushions in a years’ time.

Ask about the different options for cushion






4. Choose your fabric carefully.

Beautiful fabrics can be fun and add impact to a

room. But always consider whether this style will

stand the test of time. Don’t forget to think about

where your couch will be sitting – you’ll need a

more durable, fade resistant fabric if kids, animals or direct sunlight are involved.



5. Measure, then measure again.

And again. Don’t forget to consider doors

and stairways that your couch will need to

pass through. There’s a reason the saying

prevention is better than cure came around.

No amount of prep goes to waste.